Monday, November 29, 2010

save me from myself

Dime Piece 2011 Save No Prayer Lookbook

Praise ALAIA

black like my soul
(images stolen from my buddy at hrstudioplus)

i'm feeling a little religiousless today.

say a little prayer for me. i need some saving.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


for all the good, bad, and the ugly. i appreciate you. you've made my life what it is.

happy day of thanks lovers.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's talk turkey

(Gryphon trench, D&G linen shorts, Shape Shiftr dress, Jessica Simpson platforms, Comme Des Garcons satchel, Vintage brief case, mink stole)

Speaking of fox tails...I couldn't resist.

Went to wasteland yesterday and my only mission was to find a nice warm heavy coat seeing as I have none. Zero, zilch, nada. Los Angeles finally decided to go into a cold winter frenzy (around low 60 degrees) which for us is like being in Antartica. Of course that shopping mission failed and I opted to get these D&G linen hot pants instead. At $22 dollars I couldn't pass it up. That's what tights are for! Duh!

I love my little shape shiftr dress. You can wear it as is, or unbutton it and let it be a flowy layer. Makes for a nice dramatic effect. The sheer dress is being sold at the store, I am pretty sure that dress is sold out every where else. So snap it up!

Anyway, can't wait to eat like an insane obese person. Stuffing, mashies, mac and cheese, and my friend is roasting a truffle butter basted the next post I may look 10 pounds heavier, but I guess those fatty layers will make up for the non-existent coat purchase I made yesterday.

Style Inspiration: The Sheer Tail

(russh mag - cassi van dungen)

Been rocking the sheer tail look since the summer, but this one takes the cake. Love this. So romantic.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Riding along in my automobile

(LnA stripe oxford shirt, AA riding pants, Surface to Air boots, Vtg Moto Jacket)

Monday Blues. Another day at the office. Not as bad as it sounds. At first the commute was a drag in theory (i live in downtown and i work on the polar opposite of LA in Hermosa Beach), but pulling up to the lot, walking up the stairs, peering out to look at the moving ocean every day is a welcomed humbling morning experience.

Olivia and I did some exploring around our building and found some fantastic areas to shoot around. We just discovered this yacht/boat repair garage with all these colorful oil barrels. We ran into a creepy mechanic guy that was curious as to what these photos were for, sort of harassed us and asked if he could come along for the ride. I, of course, had to lie and tell him we were both 17 years old and that he couldn't talk to us. Pedophilia, ever hear of it Mr.? That quickly drove him away, thank gawd.

Just finished registering for the Project, Capsule, and EnK shows in New York for January. Super stoked to be going for work, a little apprehensive to be in the cold, cold weather. For us Angelenos, you know that it's a foreign experience. Let's hope I don't die from hypothermia out there. Just kidding, I keed, I keed.

Anyway here is something to hopefully cure you of your Monday blues. I love this song and the video is more of a trip.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Blonde Red Head

double D

film strip.


Office view.




Blonde Red Head


Winter Wonderland

It is amazing what kind of shit you can do with your phone and integrated technology. I fucking love it.

So easy to capture the ever changing and sometimes spontaneous instances of your life, which are inevitably now are your tragically beautiful lost moments...memories...nostalgia.

I have been having such a blast with my new HTC evo. The 8.0 megapixels are f-ing ridiculous. The photo apps are even more. Yes, it is effortless "photography," but there is something so precious to experience the view of the beauty that belongs to the eyes of each beholder.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010








Well the time has come, the store I buy for has just launched! But very softly... :) A little bit on what PRIME135 is all about:

PRIME135 is a new e-boutique that purveys an eclectic array of merch geared towards men, women, and soon to be all things interior for your dwelling.

The inventory is light for the season, as we decided to change the artistic and buying direction late in the game; we turned a whole 180 on it-which pretty much just carried your standard graphic t-shirt. Super Uber stoked for the Spring merchandise to arrive as well! Keep checking back as more designers and inventory will be with prime 135 by Holiday! Weee!

Things to look forward to:


Vanishing Elephant, Creep by Hiroshi, Naked and Famous denim, CLOSED, Fremont, Crate denim, Them Atelier, Doppleganger, and Nortwick.


Gar-de, MYNE, Chromat, Posso the Spat, Minden Chan, Kai-Aakman, Grey Ant, Style Stalker, Shape Shiftr NYC, Fremont, Nanushka, Obesity + Speed, Them Atelier, LnA, Cheap Monday, WkSHP, Collar, Stand + Tie, Dimepiece.


Surface 2 Air, Super by Retrosuperfuture, Grey Antic sunglasses

Prime135 is centered on the ideas and concepts belonging to that of prime in relation to fashion: (i.e. 1. First or early in time, order, or sequence; original. ) The selections will always be inspired by originality, imagination, the obscure, and captivated by the people who seek prime ideas, brands, designs and inspiration.

Take advantage of the soft launch promotion of 25% off your entire order:

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Cruise around the site, let me know your thoughts. I hope you like the selection, they are all really things that I love and would personally wear and incorporate into my wardrobe. I hope ya dig!




Los Angelenos don't miss out on this splendid event! Beautiful one of a kind piece in a gorgeous loft space...come for an evening of shopping, custom nail art, music, cocktails and foodie nibbles!



2035 Bay St.
LA, CA 90021

Friday, November 5, 2010

Face Off

Surface2Air Jewelry at the buying office. Weeee...

Just received the GREY ANT status sunglasses at work, available for purchase next week!
Will be getting these in brown and red as well!

You might as well face it...or should I say smell it? You're addicted to love.

Me trying to do the best nonchalant robert palmer girl face. Do i look bored?


For you youngins out there, this is who robert palmer is. He was god back in his hay day.

Warmer than vinyl.

Halloween decompression therapy! Shopping at wasteland!

Wasteland is my favorite gem in the city. My all time favorite designers, for all so little money (relatively speaking: A typical Ann D top that would sell for $600, would sell anywhere between $65-$100+)

Won free tickets to see them! they were rad!

Had to try the whole lace bell bottom legging thing. Good way to try it is the urban outfitter ONE, on SALE.


Wow what a doozy. Every day is a doozy really.

Let's see what's new. Same ol' same ol' now just with different pictures. :) Sorry not the best quality of pictures for some, my regular camera is out of commission, and so is my non-existent personal photographer, but hopefully these will do.

Of course I had to post some Halloween pictures...but don't worry, I didn't go for the slutty snow white opt this time around. I was one of the Robert Palmer girls..was easy to do..bought some inflatable guitar..was able to wear clothes, and it was awesome for whoever got it...called it a mother f-in day. Then my friend Eduardo had a voodoo themed that's about as tribal as I got.

School is kicking my butt as per usual, exciting. Non stop train on to finalizing everything. I know I've been saying this for a while, but really this operation is just between 3 people: myself, Perry, and sometimes Olivia. But considering that, and the little time we have spent gathering inventory, redirecting the look, and designing everything, I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised. I know I am....every is blossoming into something....something special.

Anyway...Happy Friday! Don't forget to sign up for the launch by going directly to just "LIKE" us and stay in the know. Much love :)