Friday, November 5, 2010

Face Off

Surface2Air Jewelry at the buying office. Weeee...

Just received the GREY ANT status sunglasses at work, available for purchase next week!
Will be getting these in brown and red as well!

You might as well face it...or should I say smell it? You're addicted to love.

Me trying to do the best nonchalant robert palmer girl face. Do i look bored?


For you youngins out there, this is who robert palmer is. He was god back in his hay day.

Warmer than vinyl.

Halloween decompression therapy! Shopping at wasteland!

Wasteland is my favorite gem in the city. My all time favorite designers, for all so little money (relatively speaking: A typical Ann D top that would sell for $600, would sell anywhere between $65-$100+)

Won free tickets to see them! they were rad!

Had to try the whole lace bell bottom legging thing. Good way to try it is the urban outfitter ONE, on SALE.


Wow what a doozy. Every day is a doozy really.

Let's see what's new. Same ol' same ol' now just with different pictures. :) Sorry not the best quality of pictures for some, my regular camera is out of commission, and so is my non-existent personal photographer, but hopefully these will do.

Of course I had to post some Halloween pictures...but don't worry, I didn't go for the slutty snow white opt this time around. I was one of the Robert Palmer girls..was easy to do..bought some inflatable guitar..was able to wear clothes, and it was awesome for whoever got it...called it a mother f-in day. Then my friend Eduardo had a voodoo themed that's about as tribal as I got.

School is kicking my butt as per usual, exciting. Non stop train on to finalizing everything. I know I've been saying this for a while, but really this operation is just between 3 people: myself, Perry, and sometimes Olivia. But considering that, and the little time we have spent gathering inventory, redirecting the look, and designing everything, I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised. I know I am....every is blossoming into something....something special.

Anyway...Happy Friday! Don't forget to sign up for the launch by going directly to just "LIKE" us and stay in the know. Much love :)