Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's talk turkey

(Gryphon trench, D&G linen shorts, Shape Shiftr dress, Jessica Simpson platforms, Comme Des Garcons satchel, Vintage brief case, mink stole)

Speaking of fox tails...I couldn't resist.

Went to wasteland yesterday and my only mission was to find a nice warm heavy coat seeing as I have none. Zero, zilch, nada. Los Angeles finally decided to go into a cold winter frenzy (around low 60 degrees) which for us is like being in Antartica. Of course that shopping mission failed and I opted to get these D&G linen hot pants instead. At $22 dollars I couldn't pass it up. That's what tights are for! Duh!

I love my little shape shiftr dress. You can wear it as is, or unbutton it and let it be a flowy layer. Makes for a nice dramatic effect. The sheer dress is being sold at the store, I am pretty sure that dress is sold out every where else. So snap it up!

Anyway, can't wait to eat like an insane obese person. Stuffing, mashies, mac and cheese, and my friend is roasting a truffle butter basted the next post I may look 10 pounds heavier, but I guess those fatty layers will make up for the non-existent coat purchase I made yesterday.


  1. magnifique, j'aime beaucoup ta tenue, et tes chaussures sont superbes

  2. i love that you love to eat <3 crushing on you a little harder everrrrrryday ;)

    love your stole. i hate myself for passing up on two fur jackets at savers a couple weeks ago. they just made me look like a furry box :/ no shape at all.

    enjoy your turkey day!! lets eat!


  3. I'm such a big fan of Shape Shiftr. I love, love, love that dress.

  4. this look is pure fabulousness. love the stole and those shoes!

  5. What a stunning outfit! you look perfect x

  6. Cool blog, I absolutely love your sense of style. Fierce! I am following ;)

  7. love the shoes..and the pictures r incredible..u look so airy and sorry , i make up words sometimes, but u get what i mean right?