Thursday, December 9, 2010

the hunt for red october

French: rouge

Icelandic: rauður

Portuguese: vermelho

Saw this car today and literally almost died. I am not a crazy car enthusiast whatsoever...let's get that straight. I'm kind of an idiot when it comes to stuff like this, but I have a good eye and I can't help love the beauty that is in this car. The BMW 635csi was first introduced in July 1978 as the more powerful variant and was introduced as a special close-ratio 5-speed gearbox and a black rear spoiler. All I know is that it's a damn sexy car in person. Geeezzzuuuzzz....

German: Rot

Swedish: röd

The new Tube by the god father of all knocker off-r's

I've been unintentionally in a red mood color, which is weird as I don't usually like color, but I am welcoming the nice warmth that it is lending to me this winter. I gave in and bought the red tube shoes. I was over it and then saw it in person on someone else, and the obsession to have them rekindled shortly after. I am glad I got them, they really are such a fun shoe. The only con I have with them is that they're noisy like a mother humper. Clonk..clonk...clonk....
Other than that I welcome any shoe that can comfortably add 5 1/2 inches to my wee tiny little sELF.

Life has kind of been on far as work...I will leave it at that. School is finishing up..and I am debating on what the next move will be. I have gotten several requests to maybe go and do the eBay thing on the side...

Maybe.....maybe you will see some stuff for near future..til next time, I bid you adieu.


  1. i think you look haute in red. i always feel like i look so flashy. bummer to hear life is on hold. it's been like that for me for waaaaay too long. i'm pretty much a pre-teen all over again. except with boobs and good hair. boo to no car and no money. they should put me on degrassi. muahaha

    <3mo, adieu to you!


  2. the shoes in the first photo are amazing !!!!!

  3. haha "my little sELF"!! i'm loving the red theme and that car IS sexy...however, i'm still leaning towards your shoes collection more...just a bit more..

  4. I spot a red pair of Justin boots. Looks like I have the same pair!

  5. Very original shoes !

    They are amazing ^^

  6. croatian: crveno

    you're one lovely lady in red <3