Friday, December 24, 2010

i'm a giver

So I have to give credit inspiration to my friend Lauren. She sent me a beautiful and thoughtful present through the mail which consisted of a "disposable" flask and a hand made ring. The ring had a picture oh how it was supposed to be worn, and then the flask came with a quote by Walter Scott.

Thank you Lauren, you made it possible to be able to still furnish gifts to the ones you love, even though you have to work with what little you got. I mean I have thought about her present each day..thinking wow....that was f-ing genius and thoughtful at the same time. Gonna COPY CAT!

So for about $25 for the actual gifts (sans jameson bottle), and then another $15 for packaging I was able to buy presents for 5 people. THANKS IKEA AND TARGET!

It's interesting how much harder and more outside the box and time you have to spend giving something with literally very little...but in the end result, creativity flourishes and thoughtfulness (hopefully) ensues. I have to say, these will probably be the most thoughtful presents I have ever given. For reasons 1) I literally have spent everything that I have. 2) These gifts are catered to these specific people in my life.

1 inspiration for 1 gift idea was the WHISKEY SET. I wanted to get this for my best friend..which was a $60 set from teraforma.

I recently just got laid off from funds were tight..but I still thought it was a cool I decided to make my own.

Couldn't find decent ice cube trays..or I opted to make little bottles of Jameson 1 cups.

step 1: Find images via wherever..aka the web

Step 2: To make the cards a little personalized, I typed their name...found a relevant whiskey quote from our good old drunkard poet Charles Bukowski and called it a day. I put an image of a proper whiskey glass on the back side so they got the idea.

Step 3. Pour, duh.

Step 4: Prettify

Onto the next. I can write about this one, seeing as I already gave this present to my friend Cory. Obviously...I bought some random shit...but this was all stuff I knew he things like an F-ing carrot peeler..could be a cool gift too!

Cory needed a little help in the home and gardens I got him a couple wine glasses and the vegetable peeler...put pictures, etc. I forgot to take a picture of the quote i put on the wine glass card but it read:

(i'm just telling you what i put just for ideas)

"Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, and inspires the YOU."

I couldn't help but make that goddamn peeler sexy. So I threw a little humor in there for good measure.

Last, but not least...his french press died a painful decided to get him a vietnamese filter instead. I got a whole coffee cup set and of course packaged some fresh vietnamese roasted coffee, along with a can of condensed milk... and on the card I placed instructions on how to make a proper Vietnamese coffee: CAFE SUA DA!

Gift for my Ma.

Mom is a bad ass cook. I just discovered this insane asian market in my neighborhood, it is an asian foodie's wet dream. Sorry for the terrible analogy, but you get it. Mom is a cook, but she hates driving and venturing out to get I got together some interesting things to try along with recipes on how to use things like "crab paste." Wow. I also got some items that reminded me of her growing up like almond jello. Loved when she made me that. So here Mom, here is some fun stuff. Now make me some thing.

Mom has a dope sense of humor. Don't worry.

Well. I think this was the longest, most tedious post I have written in a while. Think what you will of this...bad, good, whatever. It's not the best or the grandest of gifts...but they were all made with very little, sprinkled with some love.

Merry x-mas lovers!


  1. What great ideas! I now I wish had spent the time to really personalize some gifts!

    Love Grace.