Friday, December 24, 2010

an ode to musical decadence

delacroix et ramos

photo by my buddy ol' pal Christopher Soltis

Hello all,

I started a separate blog for music with my friend ramos:

Visit me! I will be operating as "delacroix"

I will still be using bbla for fashion and misc posts...but didn't want my blog to be a schizophrenic mess with food, music, fashion, design, etc.

Now just need to create another one to house my 500+ pictures of food pornography...ugh.

The music will be all over the place and I promise to keep it eclectic..although I am guilty for opting chill wave tunes as of late...but not to worry, i like it all. From disco deliciousness, to chill wave, to synth pop, to jazz tunes, to awesome renditions of your favorite songs from other artists...just as long as it's tasty and obscure, I promise it will be a fun ride.

Oh yes, merry x-mas eve everyone!

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