Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 I'm.....

Going to give up the "occasional" smoking

Still keep the glamour.

Travel more and often.

Read more books

...and wear more fabulous uniforms such as this. Perfection.

2011 what a trippy year. Definitely one of my favorites in a really long time. Of course there were bad moments, but most of them good. But that's how the universe works, yin and yang. C'est la vie, I always say. 2012's resolution? To keep living each day with resolutions, and not just at the beginning of the year type thing. There's always room for improvement on how to be a better you...and know it's always one of those things that you always know, but sometimes your own switch has to flip up on its own to really take more meaning as to what that means. Once your awareness becomes a flame, it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created. So bottom line, try to stay less stagnant and be more proactive in achieving all goals, while overcoming the figurative hurdles that may usually make you want to give up. Also to be mentioned, to keep sharing and exchanging information. Many times I have wanted to be done with this blog, because I felt there was never really an audience. But I've forgotten along the way, that this blog wasn't really for the amount of readers, but really this was an outlet to share my ideas, inspiration, creativity, and practice "writing." I'm doing away with that silly notion to give up-giving up is always the easy way out. So much harder to keep up and maintain anything in life really...especially relationships.

I'm going to continue, even if it means that I may be just talking to a wall. At least this will serve as something to look back on, and kind of "time line" my shit without the use of facebook.

Lastly, taking the time to acknowledge the things you have accomplished thus far, and not the places in life where you "should" be...and just taking one day by day. Anyway that's my zen moment for 2011. See you all in the New Year and I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy one!


Friday, December 30, 2011

Noah by Anouk Nitsche

(Images from Fashion Gone Rogue)

Anytime you have Frida Kahlo inspired anything, almost always makes for a good editorial, especially when there's beautiful pieces involved. This whole shoot is droolsville, California. The saturation of jewel-toned color, full-lipped model, opulent embellished wardrobe, flower head can you go wrong? This in the utmost sense is eye candy, in the most addicting way possible. Pleasure principle? I say yes.


Noah – Inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, photographer Anouk Nitsche captures Noah in colorful dresses and sparkling gems for FGR’s most recent exclusive. Wearing pieces from labels such as Missoni, Just Cavalli and Miss Sixty styled by Patrycja Juraszczyk, Noah is a stunning vision in a rustic indoor setting. Red lips and floral hair accessories by beauty artist Oliva complete the romantic ensembles.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I say Israel did good playing Santa Clause this Christmas. The leather jacket is such a decadent caramel color, and the shoes are made of a beautiful evergreen suede with the softest calf leather for the heel. It's quite exquisitely made. Hopefully I can shoot some outfit shots soon with both of these things. Love the rich colors. It reminds me a lot of my recent moto Napa trip up to Big Sur with Israel that I still have yet to post pictures from! I wanted to wait for the short film of the documentation of the Prohibition trip that is soon to come out, so you guys can get the whole sha-bang of what the trip was about. All I will say is 14 hours of riding on the back of a motorcycle, with a total of 1400 miles to cover up and down California with 17 other biker dudes, is not just any ol' ride. Pics and video soon to come!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

mused by

Gold hardware.

the laid back cool of LA

Vintage and Luxe

Heavy jackets, cashmere, and good looking lanky people.

textured leathers and collar detailed shirts.

Silks and leather.

Oh winter, you inspire with such tame and beautiful colors, as well as luxurious materials that lay gorgeously against different textures. Today I am going to Opening Ceremony to pick up some shoes that I have been eye-ing. Only because these other Alexander Wang shoes didn't quite work out too well, due to my continuously shrinking feet. Bahumbug.

My boyfriend, Israel, bought me this beautiful caramel leather jacket that I cannot just wait to wear so I can incorporate properly all the things that I've been lusting over that epitomizes what a winter wardrobe is to me. Beautiful soft supple leathers, perfectly over-sized knits, silks, vintage furs, and beautifully crafted shoes to tie everything together. It's sale season, and I'm here to finally indulge and do some gifting to myself. Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I thoroughly enjoyed getting absolutely fat. Thank you holidays for giving me an excuse to be obese. Now off to the grind, 2012 you're looking promising and oh so busy.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're official! just wait. Ok...are you holding your breath yet? Well I am. (Exhale)

We are now official! No we haven't tied the knot! But we are supremely excited to announce that the store is now officially moving forward!

It was only a moment of time, when just 'talk' or 'dreams' turned into motion and a possible reality. A simple chance meeting of fate led to a solid friendship and a shared passion for fashion. Honestly, before I was introduced to Karen, I was a mere twinkle in the fashion sky. An exclusive avid vintage thrifter, to starting to realize the boundless world of 'REAL' fashion, (*cue in Karen), who opened my universe to the luxe world of Stella, Prada, Marni, ALAIA, Chloe, Helmut Lang, Demuelemeester, and everyone else in between. Our closets together turned inside out. So after much anticipation since the announcement of this grandoise idea...which may have started to feel like it would be a faint memory, became a solid registered business corporation as of today!

Stay close, for more updates and the soon-to-be adventures of Karen and I through the building of BUTTONS AND BOWS the store! If you ever liked what we sold in the past through the ebay site, then you are definitely in for something more!

All I can feel and say is WeEEEeee~

You guys are inspirational and that's why we're going to be in the business that we are in. I'm f-ing pinching myself! We are beyond, beyond excited.



Monday, December 19, 2011

balenciaga christmas

(Balenciaga silk skirt, Jeffrey Campbell tube shoes, striped AA bra)
Photo: Linus Shentu

I don't remember if I posted this yet. It was from last year. I think I had an issue with how I thought my arms looked 'big' here. So I didn't post it. I know, I know...I know what you're thinking. Well you know vanity can get the best of anyone really.

Anyway I'm over it now, and thought I'd post it as a sort of Merry x-mas post card to all that still choose to visit the blog.

Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones and spread the holiday cheer. I for one am really looking forward to spending it with family, close friends more so than I have in a really long time. Stoked! Now off to to do some last minute shopping! It's sort of a better ETSY if you aren't familiar and it's way more easier to shop the site, me thinks. Better stuff too.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

new obsession

My beautiful friend Bea

...and her earthy style.

Fabulous stylist Djuna Bel

The Lovely Sunny Walker of my favorite vintage stores in all of LA The Painted Bird

Stellar ring collection

(All photos from

Well, hello again.

Finally have some time to blog again and share things I love the most. I've come across this new blog. Well new for me, kind of. I've been following it for a little bit now, and thought I had to share the wealth. There are so many style inspiration blogs that spurt out of fashion capitol New York, and every other European was quite nice to run into this one. features from what I can gather, local Angelenos who showcase their personal style through their closets. I found quite a few people I knew on the site and it was quite refreshing to see closet visit capture through its many diverse fashionable subjects the essence of California style which to me is laid back, effortless, a mix of boho, rocker chic and everything else in between. To add to my many list of regular perusing obsessions you must have a go here. It's like the The Selby of all your girlfriends' closets that you've always been secretly agonizing over, now available to incessantly lust over.

Jeana Sohn is the Artist Jeana Sohn (pronounced like "gina") who visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets. She also has her own other blog


Friday, October 28, 2011

film grain

Shot with Linus last week. This was with one of his many digital cameras.

Then Linus shot with this old vintage Yaschica camera:

..And this was the finished result.

(Vintage dress)

You can never beat the quality of a good film shot. The colors and image is almost illusory.


P.S. I have some awesome stuff up for sale on my eBAY. Come take a look see. A few things from opening ceremony and tons more from the Jeremy Scott for Adidas collection. Come by for a visit. :)