Wednesday, January 26, 2011

one rei

Need these shoes devastatingly so....

Basquiat for the CdG presentation in 1987


(All images generously stolen from

I can only pray to be a quarter cool of Rei Kawakubo when I get to be her age.

"Comme des Garçons, French for "like boys", is a Japanese fashion label headed by Rei Kawakubo.

Comme des Garçons collections are designed in the Comme des Garçons studio in Aoyama, Tokyo and are made in Japan, France, Spain and Turkey. The 1997 spring/summer collection, often referred to the 'lumps and bumps' collection, which contained fabric in bulk and balls on the garments. This led to a collaboration, also in 1997, between Rei Kawakubo and New York-based choreographer Merce Cunningham called 'Scenario'. The 2006 autumn/winter collection dealt with the concept of the 'persona', the different ways we present ourselves to the world. Fusing tailored menswear with more feminine elements such as corsets and flower printed dress fabrics, 'Persona' was another collection that combined the feminine with the masculine by Comme des Garçons."


Monday, January 24, 2011

cobras and matadors

(Comme des Garçons oxford blouse, AA mesh body suit, AA riding pants, F21 pin necklace, JC lita shoes, vintage metal purse, vintage knit baret)

Fotos: Linus Shentu

So here it is. Some photos from last Tuesday's excursion to the Getty. It wasn't really an excursion at all, but it was when you consider walking in 5 1/2" heels dodging children simultaneously at a museum in 85 degree weather wearing thick scuba diving-like pants.

How would I describe this look? Well when putting it together and seeing the end result, I came to the conclusion that...Yup...I look like I'm going to be taunting some bulls today. All I was lacking was a balero jacket to complete the look. Nonetheless, I thought the outfit made for a fun one at a trip to the Getty.

If you have not been to this gorgeous institution in Los Angeles, the views, the gardens, and the exhibits are good enough excuses to go and spend the day there. They also have a grassy trimmed knoll there which is perfect for a picnic. Yes, you can bring a little picnic with you...great way to do something cost-efficient and maybe eat food that you actually like. Museum food can be a little daunting sometimes. Just don't forget to bring a little vino or some bubbles in your little aluminum bottle to make for a complete c'est la vie experience.


Friday, January 21, 2011

why not?

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This is where you will find me and this is how it will show up.

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5) February 10 = your last day to vote.

Hello Fellow Fashionable Bloggers,

Writing this post to hopefully get a stab at some votes, as well as encouraging everyone else to submit themselves at a cool chance at being the next BIG STYLE BLOGGER. Click on the link for details. Good Luck to all!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

getty fabulous

(Comme Des Garcons Oxford Blouse, AA mesh body suit, AA riding pants, JC Litas)

Foto: Linus Shentu

Wow! Woke up yesterday and was pleasantly surprised, enamored, and appreciative to find 19 gracious comments to the last recent blog post. Thank you, thank you so much for the kind words. It's been super fun working with my friend Linus, helping him perfect his already stunning craft playing with light and angles, whilst being able to play a little dress up!

This is just a preview shot from yesterday's fun little photo project. We hung out at the Getty Center near Santa Monica yesterday. The weather was an unreal 85 degrees. I didn't know what the appropriate attire would be given that we were going to be shooting at a museum. If you guys know or have the AA riding pants-you know they're goddamn amazing...and they also feel like scuba diving gear due to the thick material which is similar to neoprene. Not so good for an 85 degree kinda day. I was tempted to take my blouse off, but what may seem like a "classy" outfit on the outside, the mesh bodysuit made for a hooker one underneath.

Can't wait to post the rest of these photos as Linus did an amazing job capturing such exquisite natural lighting shots. I hope the rest of the world is keeping warm! Will be paying visits in the very near future! Thanks to the new followers, you guys really know how to make a gal feel out of this world!

My humblest and warmest thank you's!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter wonderland

My working album cover. We're going to be called Gypsy and the Hooligans. Stay tuned!

My power woman walk.

Europe, California

(Moschino sheer blouse, UO lace bell-bottoms, Pajmina scarf, F21 hat, Society of Rational dress Bracelet, Bijules bar ring, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Vintage Mink stole, Vintage lucite necklace, Jessica Simpson platform)

Fotos: Linus Shentu

My ode to Venice Beach, California!

Greetings from Winter Wonderland, wish you were here!


Monday, January 10, 2011

Furtation device

Photo: Linus Shentu

(Balenciaga silk skirt, Jeffrey Campbell Tube shoes, Vtg Fur Coat, Vtg necklace)

Kitty cat came out for a little cameo. I look like a deer in head lights. Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Photos: Linus Shentu

(Trosman blouse, AA nude lace biker shorts, JC tube shoes)

Well what a coinky-dink. I'm here wearing another Trosman blouse, and yet again I got it at Wasteland. I seriously don't know how I would be able to live the lavish lie that I lead without them. I am, how you say? Faux Real.

Purchased this top a while ago, but as you can hopefully see with this one, that there are some good details here. The almost detachable top layer, to the front pockets, to the delicate material of the sheer cotton, I mean Trosman's designs produce feminine, demure, and understated pieces that just commands a good following after wearing her gorgeous garments. Thanks to good ol' Wasteland, I have about 6 of her pieces. Love, love, love them and am so fortunate to frequent that beloved haven of second-hand, high-end designer chump change goodness as much as I do. If you're not as fortunate to shop there, you can find her pieces at places like Barneys and other fine luxe retailers, although it will be a pretty shiny penny.

You must go if you are in the LA area.


Santa Monica:
1338 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 395-2620

Los Angeles:
7428 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 653-3028

Studio City:
12144 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
Neighborhood: Studio City

325 N San Fernando
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 842-4900

(Burbank is the one where I scored my amazing ALAIA's for $250) Unreal. Never been worn, in the dust bags, MINE.

This shoe was seen on Jak and Jil. Amazing.

Photo by ME

Happy shopping!