Friday, January 7, 2011

chloe eternal

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This woman.

First off...the shoes are killer. Shoe boner stats for sure. Out of these looks I like the playfulness and youthful style of picture number three. Super good. How that woman is 36 and can still pull of teenage angst so well is beyond me and goddamn impressive. know they are multi-faceted. *ahem

The look with the baseball cap resonates trailer trash for me personally, but at the same time I totally get it and what the whole look is about. She's just so goddamn iconic it doesn't really matter. I read a quote the other day...It read something like...(this is not word for word but something to the effect of.)

"Celebrity and Icons are different. Celebrities are people who we breed them to be. Icons are born into themselves."

...which is why this woman can do no harm.

Love the lookbook. As per usual the quirky, vintage-just-rummaged-through-the-goodwill style of her collaboration with Opening Ceremony is always tastefully done. It's the clothes that your girlfriends had in their closet, got it for chump change and reincarnated it into personal style nirvana. You of course hated her and were jealous, only because you're one of those girls that doesn't "like digging." For shame. That's why I think her collection is so successful, because basically it's an edited collection of vintage inspired goodness with better cuts which is rather accessible. can go to any secondhand shop and emulate, but there's some thing here that's worth coveting.


  1. SHE is FABULOUS!!!!!
    LOVE her!!!


  2. Elle est magnifique, et toutes ces tenues lui vont drolement bien, et ses chaussures sont SUPERBES.
    Très jolies photos, j'adore

  3. this shoot, chloe, and these outfits are perfect.

  4. gotta love chloe, and the shoes are making me drool.......