Monday, January 24, 2011

cobras and matadors

(Comme des Garçons oxford blouse, AA mesh body suit, AA riding pants, F21 pin necklace, JC lita shoes, vintage metal purse, vintage knit baret)

Fotos: Linus Shentu

So here it is. Some photos from last Tuesday's excursion to the Getty. It wasn't really an excursion at all, but it was when you consider walking in 5 1/2" heels dodging children simultaneously at a museum in 85 degree weather wearing thick scuba diving-like pants.

How would I describe this look? Well when putting it together and seeing the end result, I came to the conclusion that...Yup...I look like I'm going to be taunting some bulls today. All I was lacking was a balero jacket to complete the look. Nonetheless, I thought the outfit made for a fun one at a trip to the Getty.

If you have not been to this gorgeous institution in Los Angeles, the views, the gardens, and the exhibits are good enough excuses to go and spend the day there. They also have a grassy trimmed knoll there which is perfect for a picnic. Yes, you can bring a little picnic with you...great way to do something cost-efficient and maybe eat food that you actually like. Museum food can be a little daunting sometimes. Just don't forget to bring a little vino or some bubbles in your little aluminum bottle to make for a complete c'est la vie experience.



  1. i booked my tickets ill be in socal feb 17-24th. imma see if i can go here during my visit. lmk what looks good and what are must do & sees. on the cheap side would be preferred ;)


  2. oh wow you look absolutely amazing! great hair too :)

    The Flower Girl


  3. OMG.. Obsessed with your fashion sense..
    So cute..
    Your top.. TO DIE FOR
    LEE X

  4. magnificent ensemble! Love the lolitas

    great posts-just started following,

    Annina of

  5. Those AA riding pants were made for you. You look so great in those.

  6. This is such a gorgeous outfit - you look beautiful! x

  7. Amazing pictures!!! The cream colors backdrop goes insanely well with the outfit, and wow 85 degrees, those hot psnts and lita! You are one brave woman!!!!

  8. you+the getty=beautiful! 5.5 inch heels? you're truly a model haha
    what a wonderful day to spend outdoors! makes me just want to quit my job and spend all day basking in the sun :)
    i've missed reading your blog, hope you've been well! ♥

  9. You look great!
    I'm writing to let you know that you're one of my nominations for the best new fashion blogs. Check here:


  10. beautiful blouse, I love the colours and the way you wore it only buttoned at the neck