Wednesday, January 5, 2011

pumps and a bump

(Trosman top, UO hot shorts, Vintage Lucite necklace, Cheap Monday Bullet earrings)

To make up for the lack of style/outfit posts, I decided to put some thing up with a bang..or a bump....obviously. I swear there's hot pants under there. Just been working out the old bunnerooni's....Not.

I got a new shirt over the weekend. These pictures honestly don't do the shirt justice as to how delicate and beautiful it really is. I haven't really been able to do any shopping lately due to tight finances as of late. To deal with my lack of shopping....I opted to go through the old closet and get rid of some things like my beloved Karen Millen crimson red dress, a pair of Alberta Ferreti wool slacks, and some others that I am too sad to mention. I figured if it hasn't been worn in over a year, it's time to give back to the second hand fashion universe.

Luckily, I found a few pieces to make up for it! Consignment/second hand shops are wonderful for disposable fashion as well as finding life long treasures. For some reason Wasteland is frequently stocked with a line named Trosman.

Trosman is a cutting-edge Argentine women's clothing line, designed by Jessica Trosman. The collection is undeniably cool, and are based on toned-down palettes, soft natural fabrics, and draped necklines. Usually drapey, with beautiful and unusual design elements that lend a simplicity to her work while still being understatedly noticeable.

If you guys haven't heard by now I also started a music and food blog. I didn't want my blog to be hodge podge of unfocused information, so I decided to break it up a bit. Follow me if you fancy. The music blog is being done with my friend Ramos. It really has so many gems of obscure and good music!

Find me here:

Thanks to all my new followers! I am still surprised to find new followers, due to my lack of updates...but you guys are seriously the only reason why I choose to keep this blog up. For that I really appreciate it. I will be sure to pay some much needed visits within the next few days.




  1. If I am good looking.. you were created by oil pant.. :-D
    I love your shirt and the colour is gorgeous! Suits you perfectly.
    Going to check you music/food blog now.
    Lee x

  2. you have amazing style girl :) love the shirt and loose hair do

    The Flower Girl


  3. show off that boooooty giiirrrllll!!! let me borrow this shirt ;)


  4. that's an incredible shirt!!! and your legs look hot!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  5. I love this style!!!))) Your post is very beautiful.

  6. great have amazing style!!!
    follow me...follow me too

  7. You're very pretty!

  8. mo! you're so freaking hot! haha love your daring styling hot stuff ;)

  9. Absolutely love your blog!

    xo thefashionguitar