Friday, January 21, 2011

why not?

Click their banner.

This is where you will find me and this is how it will show up.

How to vote:
1) Log in to your Facebook account.
2) Go to the official contest page: CLICK HERE.
3) Find my little thumbnail of myself, as shown above "MONIQUE"
4) Click on the little pink heart.
5) February 10 = your last day to vote.

Hello Fellow Fashionable Bloggers,

Writing this post to hopefully get a stab at some votes, as well as encouraging everyone else to submit themselves at a cool chance at being the next BIG STYLE BLOGGER. Click on the link for details. Good Luck to all!



  1. Enter My Awesome Giveaway, Bird Skull Necklace from Fashionology.

  2. is funny! :) good blog!! im a new follower!

    Look my blog and if you like, follow me!

    xx :)


  3. Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

    I just found your blog because your photo is next to mine in the Refinery29 contest :)
    LOVE IT! I'm following you on Bloglovin' and Facebook and I voted for you in the contest.
    Your blog has really great content...


  4. This blog is very interesting!!! Lovely post dear))) Great style.

  5. Oh I had considered entering this - still have it open on my dash but am totally lazy! good luck :) (loving your outfit in the post below by the way)

    I live in Wellington, New Zealand - it's supposed to be summer.. but it's cold and rainy right now :S

  6. Best to you lovely lady! (PS voting now!)

    Love Grace.