Monday, February 28, 2011

This Week

Your new versatile silk Alexander Wang Trousers NWT

The infamous Loefller Randall silhouette pumps

The ultimate MARNI boot to keep those winter toes warm

CC SKYE handbag

Your new perfect punch of spring color: YSL clutch

Alexander Wang likes sheer layers

These YSL wedges are perfect for the Spring trend of frilly lace socks with heels look.

The Empire State Building has nothing on these 6" Alex Wang sky scrapers

A. Wang and I think you need his signature fringe open toed booties. (Never been worn)

Hi, hi, hi!!

Been a minute. Been working on some various and major things! So I apologize for the lack of some much needed updates...

Whew. This is not even all of it.

Doing some spring cleaning and I'm not talking about mopping some floors. It's closet therapy time!

A preview of things to come for purchase, on the relatively chump-change prices for designer Ready-to-Wear items. Most of these are in mint condition, meaning hardly been worn to never been worn.

All key pieces that you've seen in editorials, boutiques, and fashion blogs of RECENT seasons past. Don't miss out on the opportunity to score on some items you've been waiting to get your hands on, but some how missed the boat. Well this is your chance to manifest destiny (at least with your closet).

Most shoes will fit a size 7.5-8 US, with the exception of the A. Wang booties which are a size 6. Be sure to check out my FB page for more items not posted on here, and for AUCTION updates as I will be announcing on there when listings are LIVE! :)))

Hi to some of you new readers out there! Gonna stop by and say hello to you all in return. Been crazy with school and such, but glad to be back and definitely going to indulge myself in some much needed fashion goodness!

Stay tuned and keep your eye on the prize,



Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bianca Eternal

My favorite image of her. One of many at least...

Bianca in vintage Halston

Bianca Jagger, a Nicaraguan born Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias, May 2, 1945 was famously known for being the first wife of Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger. She is the epitome of the "glamorous cool" that was bred from the 1970s. She was Studio 54 royalty.

Typically seen vacationing in Capri in Gucci, Bianca profiled with cutting-edge style and timeless class. However, underneath the glitz and glamor is a socially conscious woman who utilized her life of privilege to bring attention to world issues. From defending woman's rights in Latin America to helping Bosnian victims of ethnic cleansing, Bianca has been tirelessly campaigning for social justice for over twenty-five years. In addition, she is an active member of many humanitarian organizations. Working towards a better world while showcasing timelessly fabulous style.

She is absolutely divine. Besides Tina Chow, she is definitely on my numero uno style icons. For me, style is not about giving into the trends, but being able to have a style all your own that will transpire onto the next or several decades ahead. I mean, if you view and study these images of Mrs. Jagger, her style, her demeanor, and her circle of friends she was surrounded with, you would see she was only destined for greatness. On top of that she still managed to give a shit about worldly pressing matters at bay. Truly inspiring. This woman had it all and all together.

Note to self: Start scouring for fabulous head dresses.


Monday, February 14, 2011

yellow fever

(Comme Des Garcons polk o' dot sweater, Vtg blouse, Vtg Lucite necklace, H&M belt, Cut off sheer hosiery shorts, Alexander Wang boots)

Film fotos: Linus Shentu

Went on a downtown LA escapade field trip with my friend Linus the other day. He wanted to shoot some film photos for school of buildings and people. I came along for the ride...or walk I should say. Many strange and eclectic finds of people walking on those city blocks. Just purchased those A. Wang boots from Opening Ceremony during their 75% off sale and made out like a bandit. I live a lavish lie afterall, and I do it pretty fucking good I might add.

What I don't do to well is walking around in 6.5" heels on concrete city blocks. FAIL. Those shoes are definitely made for dinner shoes or I-can-literally-walk-to-my-car-get-out-of-it-walk-to-the-dinner-table-and-dangle-my-pretty-little-feet-type shoes. How people do it NY, I am in awe.

I start school tomorrow, and I am dreading it. Here's me diving in with my nose plugged into the deep water that I call Accounting 2 and Anthropology classes. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to taking a writing class solely concentrated on the topic of Jazz music. Surreal! Hopefully it can help me expand my music terminology for my music blog. Which by the way has been up for 2 months and we've gotten a following of 47 followers already. I guess we must be doing something right? If you haven't checked it out, there are some pretty ticey musical gems on there.


Friday, February 11, 2011

holy eye candy

need this insta-goddess PUCCI dress.

dear fucking cheesseesss, this makes me want to cry like a baby.

Need a spike nose ring, pronto.

these shoes cry to give someone a good kick in the face. dignified.

(random tumblr finds)

God bless the internet for giving me major eye boners to help me get through some of these mundane days.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

be seduced every day

(Image courtesy of Refinery 29)

(Image via

Le sigh. Valentines Day.
Someone pass me a kleenex.
Someone else warm up my bathtub and someone sharpen the razor blades, and call me when this unnecessary holiday is over.

I mean...let's talk about some cherubs with bow and arrows shall we?

Woke up this morning to read about the loving relationship between GARANCE DORÉ, a French street-fashion blogger and illustrator, and infamous Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist in the New York Times. I didn't know or ever gave it a thought to investigate Scott Schuman's love life, but made for a nice interesting read this A.M., one that makes me just swoon in thought about love and fuzzy duddies.

According to The New York Times, French Vogue’s Web site named Garance Dore one of “40 Women of the Decade,” alongside Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga. Garance Dore is the French equivalent to New York's The Sartorialist, which would make for a rather interesting call. Her move to New York has had many wondering if this was the right move for her, and would this decision cause for some competition against her lover/peer Scott Shuman? She states, 'We don’t have the same way of working,' Ms. Doré said. 'Scott is really like a hunter. He really likes to go out and walk in the street.” She prefers to shoot her friends (albeit, well dressed).'"

Scott Shuman met her around the fashion tents during fashion week. He saw that Garance had the eye, but not the proper camera equipment in order to shoot the photographs she ultimately wanted. As a gesture, from being smitten with Ms. Doré, he gave her his backup camera: a professional-grade Canon EOS 5D with a 50mm f1.4 lens.

During this time Mr. Schuman would purposely stay low key, so that Ms. Doré’s blog could blossom without interference. He didn’t even link to her site. I die.

Read more HERE.

I would say this was love at first Click. Life is love and love is life.

Don't forget to check out the upcoming movie feature on Mr. Scott Shuman on his work as The Sartorialist. It seriously brought me almost to a tearful state of pure inspirational bliss.


Friday, February 4, 2011

thick as thieves

(Tt collection oxford shirt, Vintage Lucite necklace)

(Anna's borrowed silk blouse, Karen Millen silk tiered shorts)

(Comme Des Garcons blouse, AA mustard riding pant, JC Litas, Society of Rational Dress bracelet and belt)

(Vintage pinstripe blouse, UO swim bottoms, AA belt, Annie Costella Brown leather necklace, Patricia Field gloves, ALAIA shoes)

(All photos by: Jesse Fiorino)
Hair by: Anthony Pomije

Had a really cool opportunity to play with my photographer friend Jesse. He brought in his friend Anthony and I got the chance to play dress up. I didn't know what to expect, we all just wanted to shoot some looks for fun and this was the end result! Definitely wasn't use to having my hair being very va-va-va-BOOM! But I welcomed the new change as it added so much glamour to my looks.

Hope you enjoyed the glammed up i myself am not use to you know i'm usually a no-fuss kinda gal. ;O

You must check out both Jesse and Anthony's they were so much fun to work...or rather I should say play with.

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm hitting up Palm Springs to get away from the 70 degree weather in LA to the 78 degree one in the Southern California desert poolside at the ACE hotel to partake in a 48 hour musical bliss retreat.