Monday, February 14, 2011

yellow fever

(Comme Des Garcons polk o' dot sweater, Vtg blouse, Vtg Lucite necklace, H&M belt, Cut off sheer hosiery shorts, Alexander Wang boots)

Film fotos: Linus Shentu

Went on a downtown LA escapade field trip with my friend Linus the other day. He wanted to shoot some film photos for school of buildings and people. I came along for the ride...or walk I should say. Many strange and eclectic finds of people walking on those city blocks. Just purchased those A. Wang boots from Opening Ceremony during their 75% off sale and made out like a bandit. I live a lavish lie afterall, and I do it pretty fucking good I might add.

What I don't do to well is walking around in 6.5" heels on concrete city blocks. FAIL. Those shoes are definitely made for dinner shoes or I-can-literally-walk-to-my-car-get-out-of-it-walk-to-the-dinner-table-and-dangle-my-pretty-little-feet-type shoes. How people do it NY, I am in awe.

I start school tomorrow, and I am dreading it. Here's me diving in with my nose plugged into the deep water that I call Accounting 2 and Anthropology classes. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to taking a writing class solely concentrated on the topic of Jazz music. Surreal! Hopefully it can help me expand my music terminology for my music blog. Which by the way has been up for 2 months and we've gotten a following of 47 followers already. I guess we must be doing something right? If you haven't checked it out, there are some pretty ticey musical gems on there.



  1. Hey Monique,
    It's Punky from
    I'm coming to LA next week and would love to have you attend our blogger clothing swap,
    Use the discount code "SWAPLOVE" for you or your readers.


  2. nice colours!!! you are very very very beautifull

  3. Love this look, I always look forward to your posts! Hope first day in school was fun! :P

  4. Give me your boots! :)

    Love Grace.

  5. I need a bright yellow wall to photograph in front of.

    Ahh, So Cal.


    Found you through a friend on Facebook. Adore you. We need to be blog friends.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.