Monday, February 28, 2011

This Week

Your new versatile silk Alexander Wang Trousers NWT

The infamous Loefller Randall silhouette pumps

The ultimate MARNI boot to keep those winter toes warm

CC SKYE handbag

Your new perfect punch of spring color: YSL clutch

Alexander Wang likes sheer layers

These YSL wedges are perfect for the Spring trend of frilly lace socks with heels look.

The Empire State Building has nothing on these 6" Alex Wang sky scrapers

A. Wang and I think you need his signature fringe open toed booties. (Never been worn)

Hi, hi, hi!!

Been a minute. Been working on some various and major things! So I apologize for the lack of some much needed updates...

Whew. This is not even all of it.

Doing some spring cleaning and I'm not talking about mopping some floors. It's closet therapy time!

A preview of things to come for purchase, on the relatively chump-change prices for designer Ready-to-Wear items. Most of these are in mint condition, meaning hardly been worn to never been worn.

All key pieces that you've seen in editorials, boutiques, and fashion blogs of RECENT seasons past. Don't miss out on the opportunity to score on some items you've been waiting to get your hands on, but some how missed the boat. Well this is your chance to manifest destiny (at least with your closet).

Most shoes will fit a size 7.5-8 US, with the exception of the A. Wang booties which are a size 6. Be sure to check out my FB page for more items not posted on here, and for AUCTION updates as I will be announcing on there when listings are LIVE! :)))

Hi to some of you new readers out there! Gonna stop by and say hello to you all in return. Been crazy with school and such, but glad to be back and definitely going to indulge myself in some much needed fashion goodness!

Stay tuned and keep your eye on the prize,




  1. my jaw is on the floor ! i love this wang sheer dress!

  2. oh my goodness don't speak to me! :D in love with those wang boots duh and omg the bag

  3. love the sheer dress, and the boots, and the other boots, and .....damn you!!