Tuesday, March 22, 2011

early departure

ACNE top coming soon!

Wanted to leave you a little piece of me before I leave for that big bad sunny tropical-esque place we call MIAMI! I am jet-setting to South Beach to enjoy a blissful musical retreat once again for a week. I am literally leaving you a piece of me, as when I get back this lovely little ACNE top will be part of a released batch of high-end goodness available to you at the new BBLA store. It's gonna be a glorious collection of some things found between Karen and I to some fabulous things previously loved, but not loved enough! All available to you and of course on babe on a budget prices!

I'm queen of living a luxe lie, so you know I'm here to help the cause for others!

Sorry to keep this short and sweet, but be on the look out for a new look with some new merchandise.

Oh yes, and to Jesse and Anna Fiorino-the talented creative power couple I know...thanks so much for the love! Anna you are a magician with hair! and Jesse...well you know...you're camera Gawd! Check out their blog for some fun stuff!



Love from Los Angeles always!


Monday, March 21, 2011

bienvenidos a miami

I've been a bad negligent pussy kat.

All within good reason. Kinda. Between 3 blogs, school, and a new little shop i've been working on with my lady friend of fabulousness Karen...having time to "write" gets tough.

I'll be in Miami starting tomorrow, and I cannot wait! Wee~

Expect a teaser of some item previews to come. I think and hope you will be pleased. Til the next...

Forever yours,