Tuesday, March 22, 2011

early departure

ACNE top coming soon!

Wanted to leave you a little piece of me before I leave for that big bad sunny tropical-esque place we call MIAMI! I am jet-setting to South Beach to enjoy a blissful musical retreat once again for a week. I am literally leaving you a piece of me, as when I get back this lovely little ACNE top will be part of a released batch of high-end goodness available to you at the new BBLA store. It's gonna be a glorious collection of some things found between Karen and I to some fabulous things previously loved, but not loved enough! All available to you and of course on babe on a budget prices!

I'm queen of living a luxe lie, so you know I'm here to help the cause for others!

Sorry to keep this short and sweet, but be on the look out for a new look with some new merchandise.

Oh yes, and to Jesse and Anna Fiorino-the talented creative power couple I know...thanks so much for the love! Anna you are a magician with hair! and Jesse...well you know...you're camera Gawd! Check out their blog for some fun stuff!



Love from Los Angeles always!



  1. super look, j'adore.
    Le pull est magnifique

  2. I want that top! Gimme gimme gimme

  3. Those sunglasses are freakin' awesome.