Friday, May 6, 2011


California Desert

What was seen at coachella: Sheer and Crochet everything
(Laugh, cry, repeat sheer tunic, lace bra, AA swim trunks, Vtg Justins, Comme Des Garcon tote)

Brandt Brauer Frick!


Quick sand...quick grass.

At the Ace Hotel pool party.

Endless purple skies

Cold Cave

Last day. Obviously...

Goodbye Coachella 2011, you were EPIC bears.

So..this is where I say...isn't it always better late than never? and this is also where I say, yes I've been such a bad blogger! Yaddy yaddy yaddah.

Well people, know...I need another me. Someone work that out, because I need a hug from life right now.

I want you to know that it's not all in vain. I haven't given up on blogging just quite yet..or will ever. At the moment, I am looking forward to wrapping up my grueling semester and returning back to being a vegetable. (Ha I wish!)

So what's new?

The redesigned store is still getting a little cosmetic work done as well as an official splash page for the store, but hopefully you will see it's easier to navigate so BBLA can make your shopping experience super easy and breezy.

  • My two other blogs in where I write about and share something I am most passionate about at the moment. MUSIC & FOOD
  • Just finished shooting BBLA's first lookbook with my dear friend Jesse Fiorino which will be featuring some upcoming pieces all available for purchase in the very near future.
  • And...just trying to squeeze in some delightful pieces of life in between....
Check out the store...I am still adding stuff as we type and speak. There should be about 17 listings up...but have about 50+ auctions heading your way and finished within a day or two at the most. I'm sorry to move at a slow glacial pace, but kinda hard when doing html encoding is a one woman act. Not the most enthralling thing to do on a Cinco De Mayo kinda night, you know what I'm sayin? This is where the other me needs to step in.

So all in all I'm glad to be back. Glad to be busy...glad, glad, see a lot of things finally working into a good steady progression. Anyway stay tuned, more and frequent updates are coming your way...thanks so much for continuing to read this journal of jibber jabberr.....



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