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So....heh heh. Better late than never. My freaking moto for life. Well, it wouldn't be right if I didn't share some love for Viereck, and of course some personal info about me that Cookie Dubois has amusingly captured. I've never been interviewed before, so if you want to know my personal thoughts on what's trending, how I feel about the saturation of bloggers, and how I came to create the other 2 blogs, read on....

Oh yes, and I just got a fabulous new piece from Viereck that I cannot wait to wear! I will be sure to share the outcome. Like them here, they have got some pretty cute stuff.

Side note, if you haven't caught on I'm a bit schizophrenic. As you can tell I have an alias and I'm just going to leave it at that....


Wow. This girl. I first noticed her on facebook…lemme see…I believe her post was “Liking kcrw this morning. I bet Jason bentley got laid last night.” Crass….yet thought-provoking. I said to myself, I like dis bish. She funny. I clicked on her link to and fell in content love. Born and raised in Los Angeles, this girl with the constant kiss lips started blogging not out of a desire to become the next Hemingway in Hermes, but because of her facebook posts. Believe it or not the vehicle or “push” to my writing started with feedback from friends in reply to my facebook stats…People would say, ‘Hey, you’re kinda funny…or you have a great writing voice, or you really know how to use facebook – you should really do something with that.’…I wanted to take it to another level and share with the world. With that being said, the next step was to blog”. Well THANK GUCCI she did! Her fashion blog is not only professional and relevant (her article on the Sartorialist’s love affair with fellow blogger, Garance Dore, almost made this cold heart melt a little…almost) she has since expanded her repertoire with, my new go to place for rad music, and a new food The food blog kind of boggles my mind though. For how much this chick eats she should NOT be fitting in Viereck. Dillon Delacroix is magical! Peep the interview!

1. Why are you so cute? Why?

Oh boy.

2. How did you go from fashion to food and music?

Like many other bloggers out there was inspired by the infamous blog fashiontoast. I appreciated the way blogs were used as a creative outlet to showcase personal style, inspiration, as well as an exchange of ideas from people all over the world. The whole blogging thing was revolutionary, so I decided to jump in on the movement. In addition to fashion, I found I would just post stuff about food and music (which I feel am a bit more passionate about these days) in the blog, but felt like a hodgepodge of information was getting lost. I wanted to separate all of that so that the information presented could be focused in their own right. So needless to say and was born, which I am having so much fun with!

3. What’s your favorite Viereck piece and why?

The glock would have to be it. I like how unique and special the Viereck piece was constructed. It definitely can dress up any plain Jane outfit, and still make you look super stylish.

4. What trend do you despise right now? Love right now?

Listen, I am all about crochet and sheer everything just like everyone and their mommy is at the moment. It just kills me when whichever trend is happening, it’s just rarely executed right. It’s just all about execution that either does it or doesn’t do it for me. Oh yes…one more rant..I am guilty of owning a pair of the Jeffrey Campbell ‘Litas’…I mean they’re the most comfortable and tallest shoe I own, but I say we need to kick back on the 20,000 patterns that they are coming out with. Leave the leopard, the American flag, and lace patterns at home folks. We got it right the first time with the leather and the 5 other colors.

5. What are you going to school for?

I’m finishing up school in Business Marketing. I didn’t want to go to school to learn fashion, because I felt like that can be self-taught (with the exception of design of course). There are endless amounts of online information resources to fuel that field. I really wanted to learn about something that I felt could be useful and valuable in any field and business was it.

6. How do you decide what to wear each day?

Well, I abide by the rule: You have to look good to feel good. I need to dress how I’m most comfortable and that all depends on where I am going, how I will spend my day, what kind of people I will be meeting with, my mood, etc. There’s hardly any pre-planning involved. It’s mostly like “does this go with this, cool.” Most of my wardrobe pieces are basic, but with thoughtful design behind it. No glitter, no graphics, barely anything with primary colors, etc. Easy pieces that can go with a lot of other things in my closet. I’m a no fuss kinda gal. My main philosophy is to go effortless and timeless.

7. Does the music you’re listening to at the moment or say the music you will be listening to (i.e voodoo, Miami, what have you) inspire what you’re going to wear and/or your general wardrobe?

Oh fersure! For instance, if I’m about to go to a Harvey or a Voodoo party, I’m definitely going to channel and evoke some Bianca Jagger flavor! Hahah, not really..but one can strive to do so. When I do go out to some late night parties, I feel those are the best times to get away with murder. Did someone say lace bell-bottoms?

8. What part of LA do you live in – does it inspire you?

Downtown and yes. I wouldn’t live here if it didn’t.

9. How many times can I ask if shit inspires you?

Ja, ja, ja! It’s on a daily and with every waking moment.

10. What do you think about the blogging industry? Do you feel like there’s 50,000 shitty fucking bloggers and 4,000, 0000 douchey DJ’s? This isn’t a personal rant or anything

I will only address it in this regard. I entered the refinery29 contest for the next style blogger. I made it to fifth place and had to check out the other contestants. Yes of course, just like with anything else there will be a saturation of those people that try to make their mark and get in where they can fit in. There are also some amazing view points, ideas, innovations, and thought provoking things out there that has yet to be unearthed. There are moments where I question what certain people want to get out of blogging; how can you not? But because of the saturation you can tell which ones are doing it for more popularity/promotion reasons, and those that you find that really have something unique to say.

11. What’s your favorite song RIGHT NOW?

Oh gosh, really? That is just one of the hardest questions I feel like are so hard to answer. If I must, I’m in the middle of finalizing my playlist for mixtape #6 set to be out April 29th. From that list, I am really digging the energy, happiness, minimal vocals, and peeled layers that are exhumed by this track from Zimmer-Cruisin. So, so, good! The Hercules and Love Affair Painted Eyes track remixed by Inflagranti is up there in the charts for me as well.

12. What stores do you see Viereck in?

Perhaps, some smaller fashion forward boutiques. I wouldn’t mind seeing it in Satine on Third. Perhaps some of the shops on Robertson would be a good fit.

13. Where do you blog? Home, coffee shop, titty bar…where?

Home in the comfort of my beaudoir or work desk.

Visit the our newest member of the Viereck legacy at, sass out to Dillon’s tunes at and get your cyber grub on at

Interview by Cookie Dubois

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