Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We found this beautiful colored wall.

And then we went flower picking.

Shortly after we stumbled across the trendy hipster Los Feliz haven eatery Figaro.

Vodka, muddled avocado, ginger, with a sprig of parsley.

Happy hour does not sucketh.

Sunshine Simone.

Le yum. Charcuterie!

Our new photographer friend Sam that we met that day.

Spent a lovely quasi leisurely day with my friend Simone in hipsterville (Los Feliz), California yesterday. Initially it had purpose as I was going to drag ass to Squaresville and sell my vintage goodies to them, but of course the one day I come is the only day they don't buy. Of course.

Opted for the girly look of my new Viereck dress (which by the way was absolutely the way to go on this hot and sticky day), but decided to tone down the girlyness that is not innately me with some tom-boyish oxford accents which settled my dainty nervousness at ease. I am still adjusting the playful style of dressing up with my new hair cut. My already young-looking ass in conjunction with my new hair cut is not making it easy in trying to NOT look like a pre-pubescent adolescent.

Simone just got her hands on her latest baby, a Canon G12, so we played around with some shots. We found this one beautiful midnight blue-colored wall and the saturation of color was just stellar. Shortly after we came across the infamous Figaro eatery on Vermont and indulged in their happiest of hour.

You surely cannot beat the $4 cold rosé wine, nor their daily special cocktails at $6 a pop. Oh yes don't let the price of $5 for either their escargot or generous portion of the beouf carpaccio deter you from the delectable quality that is so undeniably French. Make sure to sit and dine Al fresco to maximize full enjoyment. It is absolute utopia sitting outside people watching, watching the sun set, and sipping on cold libations after a hot and sunny day. Yes, the tables are set really close together, but that ensures for a serendipitous encounter with strangers that give you some worth-while, life-changing conversations. Isn't that right Simone?

Again, this is why I love LA. You don't ever have to go so far to be transported into another distant and ideal reality. It's always yours for the taking, as long as you are willing to venture out and take it.



  1. I heard that Sunshine Simone is a wonderfully glorious individual

  2. this is absolutely true. one should all have one to ensure maximum enjoyment of life.

  3. its nice to know where the hipsters are located should i ever go back to LA

  4. i would love to have that wall in my living room...or hallway...or bedroom...and the drink in my hand :-)