Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello new height

(Surface to Air Pandora platform heels)

So as I was packing up the inventory this morning for the new batch of store goodies I was shooting today, I came across a long forgotten (but not too long) purchase from Gilt. F-that company. Just kidding. Now I am forever indebted to them for allowing me to purchase these at a below fraction of the original retail price. I have had the biggest shoe boner for these ever since I previewed them last year at Project in Vegas last year.

I am not like most 'fashion' bloggers out there, where I can or just buy things on the whim, but I do surely obsess about things and rely on the good graces of the shoe gods to let them come my way by shoe-sale fate. Low and behold....It's safe to say, hot damn patience is a virtue!

These 5.5" sky scrapers are the most ridiculous and comfortable things I have put on my feet as far as height and comfort is concerned. Much more so than the Litas, hands down. Yes, I said it. The rich, deep berry bordeaux color is just too much to handle, and surprisingly enough goes with everything!

Luckily for you, I'm the gift that keeps on giving and I don't like keeping secrets. But let's just not get caught together wearing them at the same time. Click on the caption above, and it will direct you to pandora sale niravana. No Christmas did not come early, the summer sales just came faster. Do not miss!

Look for this in an upcoming BBLA shoot near you...



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  1. Bondage type shoe :) but I like it A LOT

    I think it's a trend this season, A Wang too and Balenciaga have similar straps.