Friday, July 8, 2011

July BBLA new inventory

Beautiful All Saints Silk SHEER dress

Perfectly Summer CLU dress

The Spanks for Dresses: Herve Leger

No. A silk dress

Marc Jacobs Dress

Joie Silk Dress

Geren Ford Dress


Things have been busy at BBLA headquarters, and needless to say sometimes it's just too hard to keep up with oneself some times. In case you haven't viewed the lookbook from last month's past, there will be a few pieces from here that will be released with this batch including the Vena Cava dress, which we have gotten so much good feedback on. That jewel-toned color is absolutely the perfect splash of bold color for the summer!

All of these dresses were hand-picked with summer on our minds. They are perfect for whatever occasion.

Won't be doing a huge release of inventory, but will be doing it in small increments. Nevertheless, the opportunity is still there for the taking! Look out for designer bags, sunglasses, and the most adorable coveted apple necklace by Marc Jacobs that was made famous by Alexa. You know we love her over at BBLA. Le duh.


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  1. I loop looooove how your hair color looks with this cut!! Just loop loooove it! It's perfect!!