Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 I'm.....

Going to give up the "occasional" smoking

Still keep the glamour.

Travel more and often.

Read more books

...and wear more fabulous uniforms such as this. Perfection.

2011 what a trippy year. Definitely one of my favorites in a really long time. Of course there were bad moments, but most of them good. But that's how the universe works, yin and yang. C'est la vie, I always say. 2012's resolution? To keep living each day with resolutions, and not just at the beginning of the year type thing. There's always room for improvement on how to be a better you...and know it's always one of those things that you always know, but sometimes your own switch has to flip up on its own to really take more meaning as to what that means. Once your awareness becomes a flame, it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created. So bottom line, try to stay less stagnant and be more proactive in achieving all goals, while overcoming the figurative hurdles that may usually make you want to give up. Also to be mentioned, to keep sharing and exchanging information. Many times I have wanted to be done with this blog, because I felt there was never really an audience. But I've forgotten along the way, that this blog wasn't really for the amount of readers, but really this was an outlet to share my ideas, inspiration, creativity, and practice "writing." I'm doing away with that silly notion to give up-giving up is always the easy way out. So much harder to keep up and maintain anything in life really...especially relationships.

I'm going to continue, even if it means that I may be just talking to a wall. At least this will serve as something to look back on, and kind of "time line" my shit without the use of facebook.

Lastly, taking the time to acknowledge the things you have accomplished thus far, and not the places in life where you "should" be...and just taking one day by day. Anyway that's my zen moment for 2011. See you all in the New Year and I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy one!



  1. Happy new year. My new years resolution of giving up smoking is going well so far. I think I got to the point were I didn't really enjoy it anymore.
    Doing your blog as a creative outlet is a better idea than worrying about who is reading it. Makes it much more interesting. I gave up worrying about who was looking at my pictures that I take because I realised the most important thing to worry about was that I liked the photos that I take. This is my creative outlet. Great if people like them but if they don't it doesn't really matter.

  2. Glad to hear the positivity Mo! Couldn't agree more about there always being room for self-improvement. Forever growing and evolving! With your attitude I am sure you are going to have a marvelous 2012/forever.

    Love Grace.