Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I say Israel did good playing Santa Clause this Christmas. The leather jacket is such a decadent caramel color, and the shoes are made of a beautiful evergreen suede with the softest calf leather for the heel. It's quite exquisitely made. Hopefully I can shoot some outfit shots soon with both of these things. Love the rich colors. It reminds me a lot of my recent moto Napa trip up to Big Sur with Israel that I still have yet to post pictures from! I wanted to wait for the short film of the documentation of the Prohibition trip that is soon to come out, so you guys can get the whole sha-bang of what the trip was about. All I will say is 14 hours of riding on the back of a motorcycle, with a total of 1400 miles to cover up and down California with 17 other biker dudes, is not just any ol' ride. Pics and video soon to come!


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