Tuesday, December 27, 2011

mused by

Gold hardware.

the laid back cool of LA

Vintage and Luxe

Heavy jackets, cashmere, and good looking lanky people.

textured leathers and collar detailed shirts.

Silks and leather.

Oh winter, you inspire with such tame and beautiful colors, as well as luxurious materials that lay gorgeously against different textures. Today I am going to Opening Ceremony to pick up some shoes that I have been eye-ing. Only because these other Alexander Wang shoes didn't quite work out too well, due to my continuously shrinking feet. Bahumbug.

My boyfriend, Israel, bought me this beautiful caramel leather jacket that I cannot just wait to wear so I can incorporate properly all the things that I've been lusting over that epitomizes what a winter wardrobe is to me. Beautiful soft supple leathers, perfectly over-sized knits, silks, vintage furs, and beautifully crafted shoes to tie everything together. It's sale season, and I'm here to finally indulge and do some gifting to myself. Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! I thoroughly enjoyed getting absolutely fat. Thank you holidays for giving me an excuse to be obese. Now off to the grind, 2012 you're looking promising and oh so busy.


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