Tuesday, December 13, 2011

new obsession

My beautiful friend Bea

...and her earthy style.

Fabulous stylist Djuna Bel

The Lovely Sunny Walker of my favorite vintage stores in all of LA The Painted Bird

Stellar ring collection

(All photos from closetvisit.com)

Well, hello again.

Finally have some time to blog again and share things I love the most. I've come across this new blog. Well new for me, kind of. I've been following it for a little bit now, and thought I had to share the wealth. There are so many style inspiration blogs that spurt out of fashion capitol New York, and every other European country...it was quite nice to run into this one. Closetvisit.com features from what I can gather, local Angelenos who showcase their personal style through their closets. I found quite a few people I knew on the site and it was quite refreshing to see closet visit capture through its many diverse fashionable subjects the essence of California style which to me is laid back, effortless, a mix of boho, rocker chic and everything else in between. To add to my many list of regular perusing obsessions you must have a go here. It's like the The Selby of all your girlfriends' closets that you've always been secretly agonizing over, now available to incessantly lust over.

Jeana Sohn is the Artist Jeana Sohn (pronounced like "gina") who visits creative, inspiring and stylish ladies' closets. She also has her own other blog jeanasohn.blogspot.com.


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