Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We're official!

Wait...now just wait. Ok...are you holding your breath yet? Well I am. (Exhale)

We are now official! No we haven't tied the knot! But we are supremely excited to announce that the store is now officially moving forward!

It was only a moment of time, when just 'talk' or 'dreams' turned into motion and a possible reality. A simple chance meeting of fate led to a solid friendship and a shared passion for fashion. Honestly, before I was introduced to Karen, I was a mere twinkle in the fashion sky. An exclusive avid vintage thrifter, to starting to realize the boundless world of 'REAL' fashion, (*cue in Karen), who opened my universe to the luxe world of Stella, Prada, Marni, ALAIA, Chloe, Helmut Lang, Demuelemeester, and everyone else in between. Our closets together turned inside out. So after much anticipation since the announcement of this grandoise idea...which may have started to feel like it would be a faint memory, became a solid registered business corporation as of today!

Stay close, for more updates and the soon-to-be adventures of Karen and I through the building of BUTTONS AND BOWS the store! If you ever liked what we sold in the past through the ebay site, then you are definitely in for something more!

All I can feel and say is WeEEEeee~

You guys are inspirational and that's why we're going to be in the business that we are in. I'm f-ing pinching myself! We are beyond, beyond excited.



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