Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resale Tips from BBLA

Nothing is more annoying than having to lug back all the bags of clothes that the resale stores didn't buy from you. Don't worry, peeps. We're going to make sure that this never happens to you again by giving you tips and tricks that can help sell more of your unwanted clothes and accessories.

1. Check the resale store's website: Always check to see if the resale establishment you are planning to visit has a buying guide on their website. That section will let you know exactly the type of merchandise they are looking for. We at Buttons and Bows LA have a guide for both our male and female customers.

2. Stay seasonally appropriate: Don't bring in the wool coats in the middle of July. Just like stores that sell new merchandise, 2nd hand boutiques want their store to look current. If it's summer, bring in the shorts, dresses, and tanks. If it's winter, bring in the jackets, coats, and sweaters.

3. Only bring things in that you'd wear: Please don't try to sell a top that looks worn out and overused. Resale stores want items that are in good condition, items that people will actually pay for! So before you try to sell any item, ask yourself, "would I pay for this?"

4. Resale stores love designer: If you have any designer merchandise that you can part with, bring them over! Resale stores love coveted labels so, you'll have more success selling those items.

5. Bring your fabulous selves over to Buttons + Bows LA, the only resale boutique that offers 3 convenient buying services:
1. Drop-off buying: Drop off your stuff and come back with cash waiting for you.
2. Mobile buying: we'll come to you to buy your things.
3. Donation service: We'll donate anything we didn't buy from you, for you, to charities servicing skid row

Alright folks, we hope these tips serve you well. Until next time!



Monday, February 27, 2012

So what really makes Buttons and Bows LA different from any other resale store? Well, quite a few things, my dears! To start, we've built our structure under the philosophy of "more bang for your buck." This means that we promise to offer true vintage and designer merchandise at affordable prices. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you're getting the most money for the clothes and accessories you sell to or consign with us. How much more? 2%-10% more than the industry standard!

Another element that differentiates BBLA from other resale boutiques is our focus on customer service. And when we say customer, we mean both the seller and shopper. We offer fabulous perks for sellers, like our drop-off buying option, mobile buying service, and donation option. If you're short on time, simply leave your unwanted items with us and just come back for your payment. If you're within a 5 mile radius and don't feel like lugging your bags of clothes to the store, we'll come to you to buy your stuff. And if you have leftover items that we didn't buy, we can gladly donate them on your behalf to the charities servicing Skid Row. Sellers, can't you feel the love?

Shoppers, we haven't forgotten about you. BBLA offers personal styling and shopping services to help you select the perfect outfit for your style. We'll search the store high and low for that vintage dress and those designer shoes that will make you look like DTLA's top fashionista. So, the next time you wonder what makes Buttons and Bows LA special, think about these two concepts: "more bang for your buck" and "customer service at its best."



Friday, February 24, 2012

Men's & Women's Buying Guide

Hate having to bring back those bags of clothes that your neighborhood resale store didn't buy from you? So do we! That's why we're making it super duper easy and convenient for you to sell your unwanted items at our new boutique, Buttons and Bows LA. We can guarantee that you will never leave our store with anything you came with.

We've created a very informative buying guide for both men and women that tells you exactly the kind of items we are looking for. No more guessing and hoping for the best. Just read our guidelines and then pick out the articles of clothing and accessories that match our liking. You can find all that information by visiting our site.

But just in case you do have some goodies we chose not to buy, you can still leave those items with us. We'll donate them for you to the charities servicing Skid Row. Isn't it awesome how you can get some cash and even do a little good deed all at the same time?! We think so! So the next time you think of selling your unwanted clothes, think of us, Buttons and Bows LA!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who Else Will Donate Your Unwanted Clothes & Accessories For You?

We know it's a pain to have to bring back the clothes and accessories we didn't buy from you. You did all that work getting it here, now you have to take it back home! Throw all that frustration out the window, because Buttons and Bows LA will happily donate the stuff we didn't buy from you, for you, to the charities servicing Skid Row. Now your clothes are even helping the community! Which other resale store will do that for you? It's customer service at its best! It's another element that will make BBLA the city's best shopping destination for vintage and designer shopping.
Check out our updated site at and make sure you follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram (@buttonsandbowsla) to get all the latest news about our upcoming's going to be amazing!


Monday, February 20, 2012

And The Buttons and Bows LA Address Is..........

111 W. 7th St. R11 Los Angeles, CA 90019. BUT, it's actually located on Main St, right between 7th and 6th Street.

What makes this location absolutely amazing and convenient?

1. It's right near the showrooms so, our friends from the Cooper, New Mart, and CMC can easily drop by for a little lunchtime and after-work shopping.

2. Being only a few blocks away from FIDM, we're sure to see their fashion-obsessed students effortlessly walking into the BBLA doors for some bargain designer shopping!

3. Being only a few blocks away from the Art District and a short drive away from Echo Park and Silverlake, we can easily cater to our vintage lovin' friends from those neighborhoods.

4. We're conveniently surrounded by restaurants, salons, bars, and hotels-perfect for both locals and tourists.

Now that we've got the location, all we're doing is prepping for our much anticipated store launch! It's going to be an exciting and crazy month for Karen and me but, it will all be worth it once we see your beautiful faces shopping at BBLA!

So go ahead, sigh with relief that you now know the location of BBLA, the city's newest and best vintage and designer resale store. Make sure you guys follow this blog, our twitter @buttonsbowsla, Facebook page, and instagram @buttonsandbowsla to get up to date information on our launch.



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey, good-lookin', I'm lookin' for you.



We're already dreaming up our inventory for both women and men. We cannot wait to open!

As you may or may not know our aim is to open with a stellar inventory for women around middle of March to early April. So close!

We also of course want to have some fun stuff for men's too so we're at the mercy of YOU, (yes YOU good lookin' stud muffin!) of some much needed men's inventory.

Both buying guides are just some key pieces we are looking for, but definitely not limited to. What we always aim to have are timeless, classic, yet modern pieces to offer our clients. If you have some stuff that's a little bit more dramatic that you don't see in up above...say like your coveted Rick Owen's dress that you wore once, but are holding on for dear life just for the sake of Rick...well we here always say, if you haven't touched it in over a year, get rid of it and make room for more! Our consignment services ensure you get the highest dollar amount for your treasured items.

And men, don't let the buying guide hinder you. We want to see all your goods. No pun intended. Just leave all the ratty, stained shirts behind. ;)

Our address location will be disclosed this week. We just like building that much more anticipation that's all.

And remember and note all we are the only ones to offer a MOBILE BUYING service within 5 miles of downtown. Take advantage of the fact that we can come to YOU and give you some much needed closet therapy. Holler. Email us at, for inquiries.

We will also leave little bread crumbs of information to hold you over along the way...say like....for the launch party...a BUYING party? What you say...make money at a party and go shopping too? Sounds like a money-maker to us.



Friday, February 17, 2012

Sneak Preview: The Space for Buttons and Bows LA

Get ready for the launch of LA's newest & best designer resale & consignment store! We just signed the lease to our fabulous boutique space...check out the snap shot of the front!
Expect the windows to always be adorned with the best designer apparel and accessories that will surely stop anyone on their tracks.

We're one step closer to providing you with all your designer needs.....from Prada, to Miu Miu, to Louis Vuitton, to Dior, get the picture. And boys, don't feel left out! We're building our menswear inventory for you too! Why should the ladies have all the fun. Just make sure to get your stylish selves down here, in the fashionable & hip district of DTLA for our upcoming launch.

This month of opening our store is about to be a roller coaster of fun, chaotic, exciting, and crazy times. So of course, we want to share it with all of you! Get updates on our inventory selection, launch party, store progress, and fashion & resale tips by following this blog. Also, sign up for our exclusive mailing list on You can also stay informed by following us on twitter @buttonsbowsla & instagram @buttonsandbowsla, and visiting our FB page .

See you at the opening!