Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey, good-lookin', I'm lookin' for you.



We're already dreaming up our inventory for both women and men. We cannot wait to open!

As you may or may not know our aim is to open with a stellar inventory for women around middle of March to early April. So close!

We also of course want to have some fun stuff for men's too so we're at the mercy of YOU, (yes YOU good lookin' stud muffin!) of some much needed men's inventory.

Both buying guides are just some key pieces we are looking for, but definitely not limited to. What we always aim to have are timeless, classic, yet modern pieces to offer our clients. If you have some stuff that's a little bit more dramatic that you don't see in up above...say like your coveted Rick Owen's dress that you wore once, but are holding on for dear life just for the sake of Rick...well we here always say, if you haven't touched it in over a year, get rid of it and make room for more! Our consignment services ensure you get the highest dollar amount for your treasured items.

And men, don't let the buying guide hinder you. We want to see all your goods. No pun intended. Just leave all the ratty, stained shirts behind. ;)

Our address location will be disclosed this week. We just like building that much more anticipation that's all.

And remember and note all we are the only ones to offer a MOBILE BUYING service within 5 miles of downtown. Take advantage of the fact that we can come to YOU and give you some much needed closet therapy. Holler. Email us at, for inquiries.

We will also leave little bread crumbs of information to hold you over along the way...say like....for the launch party...a BUYING party? What you say...make money at a party and go shopping too? Sounds like a money-maker to us.



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