Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Resale Tips from BBLA

Nothing is more annoying than having to lug back all the bags of clothes that the resale stores didn't buy from you. Don't worry, peeps. We're going to make sure that this never happens to you again by giving you tips and tricks that can help sell more of your unwanted clothes and accessories.

1. Check the resale store's website: Always check to see if the resale establishment you are planning to visit has a buying guide on their website. That section will let you know exactly the type of merchandise they are looking for. We at Buttons and Bows LA have a guide for both our male and female customers.

2. Stay seasonally appropriate: Don't bring in the wool coats in the middle of July. Just like stores that sell new merchandise, 2nd hand boutiques want their store to look current. If it's summer, bring in the shorts, dresses, and tanks. If it's winter, bring in the jackets, coats, and sweaters.

3. Only bring things in that you'd wear: Please don't try to sell a top that looks worn out and overused. Resale stores want items that are in good condition, items that people will actually pay for! So before you try to sell any item, ask yourself, "would I pay for this?"

4. Resale stores love designer: If you have any designer merchandise that you can part with, bring them over! Resale stores love coveted labels so, you'll have more success selling those items.

5. Bring your fabulous selves over to Buttons + Bows LA, the only resale boutique that offers 3 convenient buying services:
1. Drop-off buying: Drop off your stuff and come back with cash waiting for you.
2. Mobile buying: we'll come to you to buy your things.
3. Donation service: We'll donate anything we didn't buy from you, for you, to charities servicing skid row

Alright folks, we hope these tips serve you well. Until next time!



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  1. These tips are very insightful, I can't wait for the opening!!! Yay!!!!