Sunday, March 4, 2012

And The Planning for The BBLA Launch Party Begins!

This weekend, aside from the activity of getting the store interior prepared, Karen and I have been planning BBLA's store launch party. You guys knew a party was coming. It just wouldn't be right to not have a memorable celebration to commemorate this exciting moment in our lives!

As you all know, the LA Fashion District in Downtown is the home of Buttons + Bows LA. It's a lively area of the city filled with amazing bars, restaurants, musicians, and artists. So we figured, why not get the whole neighborhood involved in the opening! It's a great way for us to get to know our neighbors and it's also beneficial for cross promotion purposes, a win-win for everyone! We can get a local DJ to spin some cool tracks, a local restaurant or food truck to serve their delectable creations, and a nearby bar to serve their yummy drinks. Sounds awesome, doesn't it? Of course, we'll also have a kick-ass photographer and a fabulous videographer to capture all the memorable moments of the BBLA launch party. As for the hiring process, it's going extremely well! There are lots of interested and talented candidates who genuinely want to be a part of the BBLA launch and we couldn't be more thankful!

As for the theme of the party, that will be divulged in upcoming blog posts, in addition to the specific businesses and people we'll be working with. Get ready for the most awesome store event of the year!



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