Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Beauty of Resale

We all have different reasons as to why we no longer wear some of our clothes. Maybe we lost some weight. Maybe the style is out of season. Or maybe we're just so sick of looking at that same dress for months! Whatever the reason may be, it proves our need for a place to sell or exchange our used wardrobe. That's why resale stores are such an important part of the fashion and retail world.

Resale boutiques provide tons of benefits for everyone in the community. They give consumers an affordable shopping alternative, an outlet to make extra money by selling unwanted clothes and accessories, and easier access to vintage shopping. They're great for the fashion and retail industry by creating businesses and jobs. And they're awesome for the environment as they reduce the amount of wasted apparel and accessories. But the gift that resale stores gave to the world that sticks out most to us is their elimination of the 2nd hand stigma.

Thrift stores like The Goodwill are great resale establishments that are frequented by fashionistas everywhere, regardless of their financial situation. But before the resale craze that was brought on by the birth of Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, and Wasteland, 2nd hand shopping at Goodwill was seen in a negative light. People were made fun of for buying used clothes. Now, it's completely the opposite reaction. Just look at the tons of people that frequent the thrift stores, resale shops and flea markets in the hunt for 2nd hand finds, regardless of their financial standing! Resale stores removed the 2nd hand stigma and replaced it with the coolness of one-of-a-kind shopping! Why is this so important? Because families, children, students, and other individuals with low income can shop freely without the worries of being ridiculed and mocked. Go, resale stores!

This just makes us even more excited to be a part of the resale community! Get ready, everyone! Buttons + Bows LA is about to inject some major vintage and 2nd hand designer fashion into your closets!



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