Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's All Coming Together

( The view from the truck of us unloading our new buying counter!)

The interior look of Buttons and Bows is all coming together! The walls are about to be painted, the fixtures and mannequins will be delivered and last weekend, we hit the Rose Bowl Flea Market for some much-needed furniture shopping.

We're super psyched about the cool table and chairs we found. For those of you looking to fill your house with some wonderful vintage finds, Rose Bowl is the place for you (read my previous blog post for more info about the Rose Bowl Flea Market)! There are tons of great stuff everywhere so it's near impossible to come home empty handed! And even if you do, you still get to take back inspirations and ideas of what to look for the next shopping trip.

As for our finds, we were the lucky ladies who took home a bright turquoise table. The vibrant color is perfect for the energetic vibe of BBLA! We'll be using it as the register counter. All we need to do is find a glass cover to place on top, and customize the shit out of it and we're good to go! I also found these really cool pinstriped chairs that are both stylish and super comfortable! With a little reupholstering on that little number, it's going to be a beautiful swivel vanity chair re-purposed! As for my inspirational takeaways for the next shopping trip, I will be on the hunt for a beautiful chandelier. Nothing too fancy, just something that will match the chic & vintage vibe of the store.

So you see, it's all coming together and once we have the store laid out perfectly, I'll post a little snapshot for all of you to see. Stay tuned, everyone!



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