Sunday, March 18, 2012

So did everyone have a good week despite the rainy and gloomy LA weather that we've been recently having? I really shouldn't be whining about the rain because it's good for our current water shortage situation so, I promise that this will be the last rain complaint you'll hear from me. Last week was LA Fashion Week and we got the chance to see some local LA designers showcase their creations.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with LA Fashion Week, don't expect the same kind of big couture designer names to grace the runway. LA's version is driven more towards the smaller indie designer community, and that by no means is better or worse. LA and NY fashion are two very different beasts. People look to NY for the more established and Euro-inspired fashions, whereas LA is known to be the home of newer, fresher, more eclectic indie fashions. But despite these differing elements, one commonality remains the same, and that it is people's enthusiasm and excitement to see some fashionable creativity!

Evening wear dominated the shows this time around as designers like Octavio Carlin, Dina Bar-El, and Johana Hernandez kept that as their collection's main focus. Revel in lace, mesh, and sequins-all those were the apparent trends that stood out at the runway shows. But of course, the designers also had some creations for their daytime wearers. The trends that stood out in this area were leather, feathers, and muted shades of grey, and classic blacks and browns. Skingraft was THE design house that pulled these trends off spectacularly, with their leather and feather trimmed vest, to their leather peplum dress, to their sexy oversized suede jackets! LA Fashion Week, you were marvelous!

For a complete list of designers that were showcased on LA Fashion Week, check out The Los Amgeles Fashion Magazine, Apparel News, or Women's Wear Daily. See for youself which cretions rocked your boat! (Image courtesy of The Los Angles Fashion Magazine)



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