Thursday, April 12, 2012


Still Crazy : )

Karen and I talking with one of Bob Marley's oldest friends, how cool!

Izz and I

One of my favorite ladies of all fabulousness, James.

Karen with beauty Luna

Someone discovering her official Coachella outfit

Head dress


Beautiful people.

The Lovely Anna with husband/BBLA photographer Jesse Fiorino

Our logo/brand designer Oscar : )

Our lovely Annie that's written all of our great and first articles at Fidoo


What a crazy ride it's been so far. It's been a little hectic and really haven't had time to communicate consistently with you all on this blog, and for that we are truly sorry as this whole thing started off as solely a style blog in the first place!

To quickly recap, our launch party was beyond our wildest expectations. The champagne and cocktails were flowing, the crowd was beautiful and jumpin', and most of all people really took into the carefully hand-picked inventory that Karen and I have so discerningly gathered for the store to provide to you at what most people commented on: affordability for designer wares.


Our next step after the launch, was to actually operate and learn to be a running business. I believe we just barely learned how to close a register last night. It's one thing to open, and it's another to be open for business. Karen and I are doing everything from buying, to operating your registers, to showing you to a dressing room, to giving you advice on what to put together for an outfit. On top of everything that has to go hand in hand with owning a store...we've been approached with interviews, possible talks of doing something on TV...this all in a nut shell in a span of a week is UNREAL.

We're not here to gloat and wave our achievements in front of you. We're here to share that passion for doing what you innately love is possible with the simple act of follow through in conjunction with asking for what you want, and knowing it could be risky. Also manifestation is key. : )

So come and follow us again, and let's all see where this takes us. We're excited. We're pumped. But most of all we just want to be a destination store and not only be another store, rather an experience. We want you to be able to find at least one to a few treasures, and walk away knowing you got a value in it. We scour and spend endless amount of hours ensuring that our inventory is edited and well-priced to match.

We love you, and we can't wait to have you in our store. Come bring in some clothes and the good vibes, and let's get our shop on. : ) To everyone who has signed up for the newsletter, don't worry we got you! We want to try to put one out this week, but for now bear with us as we are trying to come up for air too.

Lastly, to all our fashionable fashionistas hitting the desert for Coachella, I will to see you there!



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