Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Wearing Style Stalker shirt, Vintage necklace, Vintage Moschino sunnies

 So I'm excited about two things.

1) These amazing vintage Moschino x Persol sunglasses that came my way into the store. I hardly set aside anything for myself as Karen and I are the sacrificial lambs of our store, letting everything awesome that comes into the store reserved for our shoppers. This time though I knew I had to hold on to these puppies. I'm one of those that don't look good in trendy style sunnies, so classic silhouettes with gold framing to match is right up my alley.

2) My very subtle hair color that my dear friend Anna hooked me up with. Any time she feels like playing with my hair I happily oblige as she is master over at Chaz Dean. I'm over the ombre thing. I'm over the skittle hair trend that's been going around. Au natural works best for me. So when she said she wanted to give me a rich caramel color I was a happy hippy.

Anyway just a quick self-serving post. Off to work I go to go do a consignment buy at a nearby showroom. God I love my job.



Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet our next LOOKBOOK fashion super STAR!

(All images generously stolen from That's Chic)

Karen and I can hardly contain it. Our excitement over our next blogger x buttons & bows collaboration with the beautiful Rachel of That's Chic is out the roof. We had such a blast with our lovely Olivia Lo of www.lustforlife.com, we thought we'd give it another go with another fashion star that's all uniquely her own!
Her style is whimsical, girly at times, androgynous some, but in a nutshell as her blog is appropriately named: she's CHIC!
Get to know her, get to love her, and see why we're mused by her style. She has the hair style I've always wanted, but never achieved. To me she's a hybrid of Kiko Mizuhara mixed in with a little bit of Alexa which is pretty swoontastic!

Check out this interview from her TEEN VOGUE Q&A:

Age: 21

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Date Started Blogging: July 2007

Why did you initially decide to start a blog?

I needed some sort of outlet for my creative boredom in high school.  
What is the story behind your blog's title?

A very embarrassing one! In high school, which was also during Paris Hilton's prime, I would mock her trademarked phrase, "That's hot." While I was very close to naming my blog after that (because I really didn't think anyone would read it), I changed it to That's Chic. Uneventful story.

If your blog had a mission statement, what would it be?

Orange County isn't as lame and snooty as the TV shows make it out to be!
How would you describe your style?

Whatever California casual is, with eclectic, contrasting quips.

Who are your favorite designers?

Phoebe Philo, Ance, Paulo Melim Andersson (where is he?) and Miuccia Prada.

Read More http://www.teenvogue.com/style/2011/08/thats-chic-blogger-profile#ixzz1vupzUPfl




Tuesday, May 15, 2012

substitution unnecessary

One of mine and Mo's favorite dining spots: Blossom. Best Pho ever and one of the few Vietnamese restaurants to serve some nice wines and sakes.

(Diane Von Furstenberg silk long sleeve and textured bag,  Gabriela Artigas Necklace, vintage necklace, Helmut Lang dress, Givenchy sandals, Prada Sunglasses)

Photography by Monique

It's my first time being back in LA in a bit since the store has opened. I've been traveling on family business for my brother Rohan for Marley Coffee. I just recently went on a trip to New York and there is definitely no place like it. I had such an incredible time this time around, taking in the sights, working, catching up with friends, and eating at wonderful places. Never a dull moment I must say!
 At the same time there is no place like home. Mo and I went to lunch yesterday at one of very few Asian establishments in downtown: Blossom. It's a short walk from the store and a great place to grab a quick lunch and people watch. I don't live in downtown like Mo does, but going to and working at the store gives me just enough to get the city vibe and energy that I so dearly love from once living in London, and visiting great places like New York. You can't beat Los Angeles. The weather, the friendly people, faces, and vibe was always love at first sight. Actually a great article from the CNN sums it all up for me. Read it HERE http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/01/travel/los-angeles-battle-ireport/index.html

One love and positive vibrations!!!


out of the ordinary

Negative space shots are the best. 

...and so are light flicker ones.
(Wearing a Balmain-esque vintage inspired blazer from the store (and is still currently up for sale), Ann Demuelemeester sheer top, Chloe jean shorts, custom body chain, and Topshop grey booties)

Behind the styling scenes for my photographer friend Ja Tecson
What to wear, what to wear. Choosing is some times hard to do from the BBLA inventory: Elizabeth & James sheer top, vintage Madonna vogue inspired bra, Vintage Kenzo print pants, Silk vintage Ungaro top, Vtg. Jumper, and Vintage Thierry Mugler jacket.
(Photographed by: Ja Tecson)

An out take of the beautiful and playful Maggie. Maggie is wearing all current buttons & bows inventory: Elizabeth & James silk dress, Levis moto jacket, Gabriela Artigas necklace, & vintage shades.

Got called in by one of my oldest long time friend Ja Tecson, who also happens to be another amazing photographer of mine. He needed some help in the wardrobe department on a photo shoot, so we thought it would be a fun little project to work on together.
Life has been moving fast, in and out. Karen and I are learning something new every day, whether it is about running the business, life, people, and everything else in between. It's officially been about 1 month and almost 3 weeks, and it has been such an unreal opportunity so far. Considering that, we were stoked to have gotten a call from LA weekly to be included on their top TEN best-of vintage stores. So look out for that. : ) Anyway until the next time, stop by if you're in the neighborhood! We've got an incredible array of goodies to go through.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lust is a Must

Having major shoe boner over these  Haider Ackermann flats. I would commit murder over these. Droolz.