Tuesday, May 15, 2012

substitution unnecessary

One of mine and Mo's favorite dining spots: Blossom. Best Pho ever and one of the few Vietnamese restaurants to serve some nice wines and sakes.

(Diane Von Furstenberg silk long sleeve and textured bag,  Gabriela Artigas Necklace, vintage necklace, Helmut Lang dress, Givenchy sandals, Prada Sunglasses)

Photography by Monique

It's my first time being back in LA in a bit since the store has opened. I've been traveling on family business for my brother Rohan for Marley Coffee. I just recently went on a trip to New York and there is definitely no place like it. I had such an incredible time this time around, taking in the sights, working, catching up with friends, and eating at wonderful places. Never a dull moment I must say!
 At the same time there is no place like home. Mo and I went to lunch yesterday at one of very few Asian establishments in downtown: Blossom. It's a short walk from the store and a great place to grab a quick lunch and people watch. I don't live in downtown like Mo does, but going to and working at the store gives me just enough to get the city vibe and energy that I so dearly love from once living in London, and visiting great places like New York. You can't beat Los Angeles. The weather, the friendly people, faces, and vibe was always love at first sight. Actually a great article from the CNN sums it all up for me. Read it HERE http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/01/travel/los-angeles-battle-ireport/index.html

One love and positive vibrations!!!


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