Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Wearing Style Stalker shirt, Vintage necklace, Vintage Moschino sunnies

 So I'm excited about two things.

1) These amazing vintage Moschino x Persol sunglasses that came my way into the store. I hardly set aside anything for myself as Karen and I are the sacrificial lambs of our store, letting everything awesome that comes into the store reserved for our shoppers. This time though I knew I had to hold on to these puppies. I'm one of those that don't look good in trendy style sunnies, so classic silhouettes with gold framing to match is right up my alley.

2) My very subtle hair color that my dear friend Anna hooked me up with. Any time she feels like playing with my hair I happily oblige as she is master over at Chaz Dean. I'm over the ombre thing. I'm over the skittle hair trend that's been going around. Au natural works best for me. So when she said she wanted to give me a rich caramel color I was a happy hippy.

Anyway just a quick self-serving post. Off to work I go to go do a consignment buy at a nearby showroom. God I love my job.



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