Friday, June 29, 2012


The babies came, conquered, and momo's pretty little feet got defeated last night from the height. Nonetheless got a lot of compliments on how awesome they looked. Looks good, looks painful...but what's pain without beauty?



Karla x Roman Luxe party

Collage from Karla's blog of Olivia, Rachel, Sincerely Jules, and Karla/The Jewelry bar/and Karla in her stunning gown.
Cocktails for the night: Luxe Lemonade and Karla's Krush
Being golden.

Karla's Roman Luxe collection was beautifully laid throughout the pent house.
Sitting pretty with the girls.
Beautiful party people

Olivia, Jesse, Rachel and I all having a Gossip Girl moment

(Pictures from Karla's blog and some personal phone snap shots from Moi)

Went to a blogger event a couple weeks ago with Olivia, Rachel, and Jesse over at the Chateau Marmont for Karla's capsule collection for Roman Luxe jewelry. It was my first time there, which is pretty ridiculous as I've been in LA all my life, but I guess I never indulged in gallivanting in thee ol' Hollywood glamour thing until now. It was my first real blogger event that I've ever attended and it was surreal. In a nut shell all the reputable LA fashion bloggers were there (along with their agents), some celebrity sightings, flying trays of gourmet nibbles, open bar of Kanon vodka crafted cocktails, and yes....a "jewelry bar" in where each guest was allowed to pick and take home with them a piece from Karla's jewelry collection. I took home her python ring, which was really nice as I've been dying to get a new ring in my collection.

All in all I would say it was a pretty cool experience. Lots of people watching, drinking, talks between agents and industry people of the like,  oh you know just another fabulous and surreal night in LA!



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sea Marine

(Raven Kaufman cuffs, Burberry Prosum shoes at Buttons & Bows, Unearth crystal earrings, Zara denim leather jacket, Under Ligne dress, Chloe bag)

A while ago I went to an Alexander Wang sample sale that I so happened to have caught while I was in NY. I came across this denim blazer with leather sleeves and it was the ultimate tough chic jacket. I wanted it so bad, but of course when you're at sample sales you're at the mercy of sample sizes and what's left. Sadly I didn't leave NY with it, but as fate would have it I did run into the heavenly reincarnated version at ZARA the other week. Victory is mine. 

One love & positive vibrations!

See what you like?

For all things store related you should follow us on TUMBLR! New merch shots and things sold. You have to come to BBLA and experience it for yourself, but if you can't the internet is a beautiful and wondrous place.

Friday, June 22, 2012

dream machine

Photographed by: Ja Tecson

The only thing I regret about my friendship with Karen is that we are not the same shoe size. She has such an epic shoe closet collection that is Vogue editorial worthy and it saddens me when she brings in very in season shoes she's worn about a handful of times into the store (and then is tired of them) for consignment and at that point I wish I could magically grow my size 6 weeee tinneee feet to a size 8. Le sigh. First world problems.
The one very nice thing about Karen that I love (among so many other things) is that we are close to the same petite height (yay!) and that we are more or less the same clothing size. She ordered this lovely little jump suit from Pixie Market, but you know those Australian sizes are a bit deceiving. What turned out to be a "small" ended up being an XS that I barely finnagled to fit my bodice. Needless to say she handed it over to me, which I'm sure later on I will hand back down to the store. I also purchased these LD Tuttle Lounge boots in color tobacco to curb my shoe lust for the Haider Ackerman ones. No they are not Jeffrey Campbell thank you very much.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Belle

Swelle Belle featuring Model Naty Chabenenko Photographed by Kevin Sinclair

Love this whole 1950's retro bombshell thing going on. From the blushy-tones to the bold colors for summer swimwear, all the way up to the perfect red lip that's the cherry on top, I'm smitten. (I bet you it was YSL's Pur La Rouge lipstick that Olivia got me into. Perfect red I tells ya.) The shoes among so many other things in this editorial is to die for. The high-waist everything that I'm partial to, tugs at my retro-loving heart strings. Designers featured are Prada, Chanel, Versace, Rochas, to Tsumori Chisato.
Well done.


Dear Aby

(Theyskens' Theory Aby Pointy Pumps)

Pretty excited to get these in the mail.

First grown up heels in A WHILLLEEEE...yay for sale season.


Friday, June 15, 2012

Cool Runnings

(Wearing Philip Lim silk blouse, Vince skirt, Alexander Mcqueen Sunnies, Chloe Purse, Givenchy Sandals, Annie Costello choker, Bulgaria ring, Des Kohan jewelry)

Photographed by: Jesse Fiorino

I know this may seem odd, but I don't like taking pictures. I'm trying to get use to it even though you see me smiling, it's awkward. But I'm trying. Just the other day I ran into the guys over at TMZ when I was catching my friend's band KES and they got this quick video of me about Cool Runnings. Of course they just happened to be at this club I was at called Sayers, and of course, they got footage of me. Punks.
I actually like the movie, but I guess that's press to say we're not fans of Cool Runnings. It's not an accurate depiction of Jamaicans, but it's fun to talk about it!

One Love and Positive Vibrations!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Boho in the city

(Wearing DKNY summer boho dress, Hammit "Coachella" bag, Vintage necklace, Moschino x Persol sunnies, Vintage sandals all from Buttons & Bows DTLA)

Photography by: Jesse Fiorino

Had a quick little impromptu photo sesh with Jesse the other day. He was in the neighborhood shooting stuff for LA Racked and came by the store for a surprise visit. Been a while since I've taken some cool outfit posts, and of course Jesse produces photos that almost seem fictional of me. I just got my hair color done by his wife Anna. They're seriously the best talented duo couple. I love the rich caramel color that hits my hair when the sun's out. 

 He's god and that's why our lookbooks will always be dictated by his talent behind the lens. The other day I was with him shooting Olivia, and there is just something so cinematic that comes out in his photos. Love. Speaking of which we also finalized the photos of beautiful Rachel of That's Chic. Karen and I cannot wait to unveil our next look book. It is completely different from our first one and we had such a blast all working on it together.

Anyway everything I'm wearing is loved & borrowed from the store. If you're in Los Angeles and visiting the ever-growing DTLA area pay our little store a visit. We have some gems! Visit our facebook for all our real live merch previews! 



Friday, June 8, 2012

Officer Jim

(American Apparel white T, Vintage leather skirt, Alexander Wang shoes, Chloe purse from Buttons & Bows, Alexander McQueen sunnies)

  The other day while working at the store, Mo and I saw a cop hiding out in front pulling over people left and right. We asked what he was pulling them for and apparently you can't make a left on Main between certain hours. We looked at the sign and mind you it was super microscopic. Officer Jim was cool though, he asked if he could take a snap shot with me so I humored his little heart. The days have been getting nice, warm, and gorgeous in downtown. So stoked. Oh yes, I scored these Alexander Wang booties for half off on Yoox! Love that site! Oh and this handbag that so dearly belonged to me, is now up for sale at our store. Come give it a loving home. : )

One love and positive vibrations!