Friday, June 15, 2012

Cool Runnings

(Wearing Philip Lim silk blouse, Vince skirt, Alexander Mcqueen Sunnies, Chloe Purse, Givenchy Sandals, Annie Costello choker, Bulgaria ring, Des Kohan jewelry)

Photographed by: Jesse Fiorino

I know this may seem odd, but I don't like taking pictures. I'm trying to get use to it even though you see me smiling, it's awkward. But I'm trying. Just the other day I ran into the guys over at TMZ when I was catching my friend's band KES and they got this quick video of me about Cool Runnings. Of course they just happened to be at this club I was at called Sayers, and of course, they got footage of me. Punks.
I actually like the movie, but I guess that's press to say we're not fans of Cool Runnings. It's not an accurate depiction of Jamaicans, but it's fun to talk about it!

One Love and Positive Vibrations!!



  1. sunglasses are amazing! you have such a naturally beautiful smile :)

  2. I too shy away from pics of myself. It helps to have a good photographer though...lovely shots.