Friday, June 22, 2012

dream machine

Photographed by: Ja Tecson

The only thing I regret about my friendship with Karen is that we are not the same shoe size. She has such an epic shoe closet collection that is Vogue editorial worthy and it saddens me when she brings in very in season shoes she's worn about a handful of times into the store (and then is tired of them) for consignment and at that point I wish I could magically grow my size 6 weeee tinneee feet to a size 8. Le sigh. First world problems.
The one very nice thing about Karen that I love (among so many other things) is that we are close to the same petite height (yay!) and that we are more or less the same clothing size. She ordered this lovely little jump suit from Pixie Market, but you know those Australian sizes are a bit deceiving. What turned out to be a "small" ended up being an XS that I barely finnagled to fit my bodice. Needless to say she handed it over to me, which I'm sure later on I will hand back down to the store. I also purchased these LD Tuttle Lounge boots in color tobacco to curb my shoe lust for the Haider Ackerman ones. No they are not Jeffrey Campbell thank you very much.



  1. I love these photos!! Also, your make-up is so nice *_*