Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sea Marine

(Raven Kaufman cuffs, Burberry Prosum shoes at Buttons & Bows, Unearth crystal earrings, Zara denim leather jacket, Under Ligne dress, Chloe bag)

A while ago I went to an Alexander Wang sample sale that I so happened to have caught while I was in NY. I came across this denim blazer with leather sleeves and it was the ultimate tough chic jacket. I wanted it so bad, but of course when you're at sample sales you're at the mercy of sample sizes and what's left. Sadly I didn't leave NY with it, but as fate would have it I did run into the heavenly reincarnated version at ZARA the other week. Victory is mine. 

One love & positive vibrations!

1 comment:

  1. love her outfit, abs in love with the jacket but it seems I can't find anything like that around here