Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Quick visual cliff note post of our trip to Vegas for the Project and Capsule show. As you know we are a designer resale consignment store, so our focus wasn't to find any new clothing lines (just yet), but to discover some designer jewelry as they are the hardest to stock and keep in the store. We were successful in finding some really cool jewelry such as Gabriela Artigas and a various number of other indie designers, but not that many. The trip was kind of on a whim, so attending Project was not a planned one. Le sigh. Being there without a map of a hit list made it daunting even after an hour as there are vendors everywhere. The ankle cuff pictured above with the chain was by far one of our favorite finds. Someone pointed out that they look like shackles, but paired with the perfect sandal or heel would put your ankle game on the map. Holler.



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  1. Thanks so much! I had fun :)
    You guys are so adorable and I love your crochet top :)
    Vogue Villain