Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Will We Toast With at The Caravan Premiere Party?

None other than some pink bubbly from our fabulous sponsors at Stella Rosa! That's right, these wonderful peeps are making sure that no one at our party goes thirsty. And as for our guests who may need some non-sparkling thirst quenchers, our friends from Boxed Water are hooking us up with some good old H2O. Why is it called "boxed" water? Because it's packaged in cute boxes instead of bottles...think of a trendy milk carton. Their adorably artistic packaging makes them the logical choice for any fashion event! And the fact that they're better for the environment because they're from a sustainably managed source is an added bonus!

Stay tuned for more updates. Coming up.....What Will We Munch On at The Caravan Premiere Party? To find out more about The Caravan at BBLA, read this!

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