Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sending love to NYC

Financial District After Math (view more photos here)

Saddened by all the recent action that is going on with the east coast affected by Hurricane Sandy. Can't believe we missed the weathered action by a week. The photos around the web and social media newsfeeds are devastating. Thought it would be an apropo time to share some of our memories that we had only a week ago. New York, there's definitely no place like you!  East Coast you're in our hearts!


Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings

At Gargyle lusting over these Karen Walker shades. Just ordered a pair despite the cartoony vibes.
Cute restaurant cafe in the Lower East Side

Photo opp with cool bathroom wall paper in Bedford, BK

Amazing hat millinery called IDA in BK
Our seductive meal at Le Bernadin
New York fire escapes never get old.
Having an extraordinary beet tequila cocktail at the Hudson Clear water in the West Village (pictured with our agate clutch score for BBLA)
NY skyline from the Ferry on the way to Williamsburg flea.
Cool building in the Financial district
Karen matching the stoop!
Our treasures we scored from Williamsburg.  

Just me matching the back drop, nbd.
Seeing all these photos again reminds me of the unique beauty and experience only this side of the country has to offer. Let's all help contribute to the relief of NY and all east coast cities affected by the Hurricane. You can donate to: FEMA, Red Cross , and more relief funds to choose from.


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