Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beautiful Contradictions

Hard and soft, masculine and feminine, vintage and modern, these opposing elements seem to be finding their way in the world of contemporary jewelry. Brands like Low Luv, House of Harlow, Bijules, and Gabriela Artigas are the masters at this Art form, as you can see with their line of rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, all encompassing the theme of beautiful contradictions. Let me show you what I mean:

These hexagon rings have hard edges, which are usually connoted with masculinity. But due to their thinness, the rings come off dainty and delicate, perfect for stacking on any woman's fingers. By the way, this is available both online & in store.
Photo courtesy of Gabriela Artigas
One of the trends with bracelets, cuffs, and watches these days is boldness. The size of these wrist adornments can get pretty massive, as displayed by this Horse Bit and Coin Bracelet by Low Luv. Mix that new trend with retro Art Deco, as seen with the pyramid coin design, which is itself channeling Ancient Egypt.

Photo Courtesy of Low Luv

Contemporary jewelry is all about minimal & simple design. This House of Harlow necklace is no different. The simple black and gold theme with geometric shapes that pay homage to the 1920's Art Deco movement is simply exquisite. We actually have a similar version of this piece at the Buttons and Bows LA store.
Photo courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman

Everything on this earth has a counterpart, a yin and yang - masculine and feminine, hard and soft, old and new. What happens when these opposing forces combine are purely beautiful contradictions.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm with the band

Me geeking out with Emma

Had the awesome privilege of meeting and having Emma Richardson of Band of Skulls come in and shop at the store yesterday. Today Russell came in and I was pretty star struck and my music rock nerd heart skipped a beat. Hearts a flutter.  I couldn't help it this time as downtown isn't where you see an abundance of celebrities of any sort.  So it was a nice surprise unexpected to have them roaming the streets of DTLA. Rare and super nice. Talked about how shitty Coachella was due to the absured rainy weather that happened last year. They're both such babes. Le sigh.

Anyway if you're a fan of MUSE and Band of Skulls, I suggest you see them at the Staples center this week. So killer. If only I had the balls to ask for guest list. I keed, I keed. ;) Posting one of my favorite songs from them. Happy Thursday!



Monday, January 21, 2013

Future Classics

Left to Right: Gucci, Etro Akris

Left to right: Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, Giambattista Valli 

Left to right: Christian Dior, Gucci, Christopher Kane

Left to right: Givency, Gucci, Christian Dior

Left to right: Thakoon, Kenzo, Erdem

Left to right: Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Etro

Left to right: Lanvin, Haider Ackerman, Alexander McQueen

Spring is...well, almost in the air, especially now that we've gotten back the warm LA weather. The cold chill that we've had for 2 weeks had me second guessing where I live! Thank goodness that 40 degree weather is now behind us and we can finally start looking forward to some Spring fashion. Based on these trends from the runway, it looks to me like techies aren't the only ones fascinated by the future. Designers are too. Regardless of the specific trends that ranged from pop colors, to white delicates, to caged effects, to floral prints, to stripes, to tailored suits, a heavy dose of futuristic elements dominated the stage. Almost every look has a kind of sleekness that only comes from modern & contemporary design, especially the frilled out looks that have models looking like beautiful humans from the year 3000. This clean & sleek effect can also be seen in the hair styles, which are either pulled back or worn as a straight do. So why this fascination towards the future? I think it's due to our curiosity of the unknown and it's that curiosity and excitement that will always have us renewing and innovating in fashion and in all areas of life.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Morning thoughts with Daria Werbowy

Came across this video this morning. An editorial campaign for Prada featuring actress Daria Werbowy in 2005. Timeless, classic, and the dialogue encompasses everything I feel a woman feels & experiences. Enjoy this with your morning coffee. The jazz soundtrack doesn't hurt either. ; ) Enjoy!

For I am the first and the last I am the wife and the virgin, 
I am the mother and the daughter I'm she whose wedding is great, 
And I haven't taken a husband.
I am the bride and the bride groom I am senseless and I am wise. 
Come forward to childhood And do not despise it Because a small knows little, 
And do not turn away greatnesses 
And some parts from the smallnesses, 
For the smallnesses are known for their greatnesses 
I am the one who is honoured and who is praised I am knowledge and ignorance I am shame and boldness I am shameless
I am ashamed I am control
and uncontrollable I am strength and I am fear I am war and peace 
I am the substance and the one who has no substance 
But I.... I am compassionate and I am cruel... 
Do not hate my obedience
 And do not love my self-control I am the union and the desolution 
I am she who exists in all fears In strength and trembling I am she who is weak and I am wild in unpleasant ways And I am an alien and a citizen I am the silence that is incomprehensible 
And the idea who is remembered as frequent I am the voice whose sound is metaphored 
For I am the first and the last

One love and positive vibrations!!


Monday, January 14, 2013

The Statement Piece: The Fur Jacket

From the blog, I Hate Blonde

From the blog, Nasty Gal

From the blog, Fashion Toast

From the blog, Sea of Shoes

From our January lookbook

As I was perusing the internet last night, I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming presence of the fur jacket on some of my favorite fashion blogs, like Sea of Shoes & Fashion Toast. The statement piece even made an appearance on our own blog and lookbook, as you might remember from the photo above. It definitely was a huge trend for Fall/Winter and looks like will continue to be for Spring, as you can see with Nasty Gal's colorful Springtime version. That got me thinking, there no longer is a huge stigma that's associated with wearing this fashion statement, unlike the 90's when it was customary for animal activitists to throw red paint on your frock. So, why this change? Why is not suddenly socially and even politically OK and even cool to wear a fur coat? Three reasons come to mind...Number 1: the conditions at which fur is harvested have gone through many changes for the better (so they say), stricter guidelines & requirements for fur farmers to house their animals. That could easily make shoppers feel better about their purchases. Number 2, technology! Because of technology, we're able to make really great faux fur or vegan fur (which is what our coat that we sell at BBLA is made out of) that so many can't tell the difference from the real deal. And when you can't tell the difference, you can't really get mad at anyone for it. Number 3, some people are standing up against the disconnect between societal rules that deem it OK to wear or use leather jackets, leather seats, or feather trimmed whatevers, but unacceptable to sport a fur jacket. 

In any case, the fur coat, real or faux, I think will always remain a symbol of luxury & glamour in fashion.

Til next thoughts,


Monday, January 7, 2013

Home Alone

Jade wears Something Else Penny Sweater pictured with the Marc Jacobs Stam quilt bag available online and at Buttons & Bows. Miu Miu boots and emerald Prada bracelets stylists' own.

Jade wears Number (N)ine leather collar, Herve Leger bondage dress, Capulet varsity bomber, and vintage Jewelry available online & at BBLA.
Jade wears Rick Owens, Vintage Cabaret Bra, Mettle Fair Trade Ankle Cuffs, and Giuseppi Zanotti Heels, and Mettle Fair Trade Bone Cuff.

Jade wears the Shagadelic Honey jacket, J Brand jeans (in store only), and Alexander Wang shoes.

Supermodel Muse: Jade McDaniel with M Model Management
Master Behind The Lens: Jesse Fiorino
Make-Up Maven: Claire Marshall
THE Hair Handler: Anna Lee Fiorino
Stylists: Karen Marley & Monique
Styling Assistant: Leah Bickel

So after much heart ache, agony, and careful deliberation from the BBLA team we present to you our latest lookbook. Having to pick from over 1,000 + images of many stunning photos of the beautiful Jade was not an easy task, but the little bit of pain of having to choose was well-worth the final result. Lookbooks for any fashion company is a chance to bring forth life to what could just be another lonely sad piece of clothing sitting on a rack. Which in this case you can see it isn't that. What we have to offer you at Buttons & Bows is not a thrift experience, but rather a destination to have that opportunity to come across a rare and unique treasure that is all uniquely your own.

Karen & I pride ourselves on presenting to you a continuous collection of that one or many favorite pieces for you to have and covet for time to come. As the store almost reaches its one year mark in April, we have seen the inventory evolve from a mere two racks of clothing, to a fully stocked store with some of thee most amazing pieces that we have yet to fathom of how some of our clients can  relinquish their prized items to us. This recent lookbook is a true testament to the carefully curated selection you will always find at Buttons & Bows LA.

We thank you for the most amazing almost one year at BBLA and your continued inspiration for our buying, as we always have YOU in mind when we do so. We couldn't have imagined starting off the new year with a new lookbook, new website, and a new lease on life! Here's to 2013 and all the success it promises to bring.


Monique  & Karen