Monday, January 14, 2013

The Statement Piece: The Fur Jacket

From the blog, I Hate Blonde

From the blog, Nasty Gal

From the blog, Fashion Toast

From the blog, Sea of Shoes

From our January lookbook

As I was perusing the internet last night, I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming presence of the fur jacket on some of my favorite fashion blogs, like Sea of Shoes & Fashion Toast. The statement piece even made an appearance on our own blog and lookbook, as you might remember from the photo above. It definitely was a huge trend for Fall/Winter and looks like will continue to be for Spring, as you can see with Nasty Gal's colorful Springtime version. That got me thinking, there no longer is a huge stigma that's associated with wearing this fashion statement, unlike the 90's when it was customary for animal activitists to throw red paint on your frock. So, why this change? Why is not suddenly socially and even politically OK and even cool to wear a fur coat? Three reasons come to mind...Number 1: the conditions at which fur is harvested have gone through many changes for the better (so they say), stricter guidelines & requirements for fur farmers to house their animals. That could easily make shoppers feel better about their purchases. Number 2, technology! Because of technology, we're able to make really great faux fur or vegan fur (which is what our coat that we sell at BBLA is made out of) that so many can't tell the difference from the real deal. And when you can't tell the difference, you can't really get mad at anyone for it. Number 3, some people are standing up against the disconnect between societal rules that deem it OK to wear or use leather jackets, leather seats, or feather trimmed whatevers, but unacceptable to sport a fur jacket. 

In any case, the fur coat, real or faux, I think will always remain a symbol of luxury & glamour in fashion.

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  1. I so love that picture you got from the blog "Sea of Shoes". The fur coat she's wearing is really nice. The dark outfit really brought out a very sophisticated take on pulling off a fur coat outfit.

    Joel Salmon

    1. it's pretty killer isn't it joel! definitely blog worthy! glad you agreed. : )

  2. These are gorgeous if you have time check out my blog for more fur jackets!!!

    Thank you,