Thursday, February 28, 2013

Show Us How You Rock BBLA!

For those of who didn't get the email, we're having our first contest! The winner will receive a $100 BBLA giftcard just for showing us how they rock their BBLA buys. See above for all rules and deadlines. Good luck, peeps! 

Thursday, February 14, 2013



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Happy V-Day loves!

Happy Black History Month - The Music Edition

In honor of Black History Month, I thought it would be apropos to do a little post highlighting some notable figures. But, as I started to do a little research, I quickly realized that there are just way too many to include. So, since Karen and I are both music aficionados, what better way to celebrate Black History than by honoring some of the greatest Black musicians of all time. Trust that there a lot more who deserve credit, but, I'd be writing for days to compile all that information. :) So, here's an edited version. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Earthstrong To The Gong, Bob Marley

February 6, the day we celebrate the life of one of the most iconic symbols of love, peace, and unity: my father. One would think that this person would be a political figure, maybe even a preacher. I guess, he is a little bit of both. He was a political figure because he challenged the status quo by exposing injustice. He was a preacher by spreading the messages of equality, love and kindness. He did all this through his phenomenal music that remains in peoples' hearts. This man is The Gong, the man who I call my Father and the man who consistently engrains the message of peace, acceptance, and unity well beyond his passing. My family and I celebrate him and his message every day.  But today we honor him especially for his Earth Strong.

"His impeccable and effortless style cannot be overlooked; it's timeless. It definitely inspires my own sense of style."

To celebrate my father's birthday, Buttons & Bows and I are extending a special online exclusive for today only. To celebrate, enjoy 15% off everything on our website. Just use the code bobmarley68.

And if you have any favorite Bob Marley photos on instagram, please share with us as I would really love to see what's your favorite! Just tag it with #bobmarleyearthstrong & mention @buttonsandbowsla.

One love & positive vibrations!

Karen Marley