Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who Are Some Of The Most Stylish Boutique Owners in Town?

Refinery says, Karen and I are! And we cannot be more surprised, happy, excited, humbled, & just flat out in a state of "surrealness".

Our style is a part of our lives, something that we naturally put energy, time, and pride in. Owning a store makes that even more important as our customers look to us for impeccable merchandise & fashion inspiration. That's why Karen and I are very adamant about making sure that only the best vintage & designer pieces are offered at Buttons and Bows. And we make sure that everything still mirrors our fun & eclectic style. I guess that makes our store an extension of our closets, which is how Buttons and Bows first started. Karen and I opened an e-bay store where we sold our own clothes that we no longer wore. And now to be on Refinery getting recognized for it just pure AMAZING!

Please share in our pure elation & read about the other store owners that we had the privilege of sharing this feature with.

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