Monday, December 16, 2013

[Video of the Day] Fiona Bevan and Adam Glover - 'Home' - Official Music Video

Its always so nice to see Buttons and Bows LA customers doing amazing things in this world and with a voice like that we can not wait to see Fiona live next time she's back in LA!!!!!! Plus, everything Fiona is rocking is straight from the Buttons and Bows LA closet and I had so much fun helping Fiona grab some items for this video shoot!

To learn more about Fiona Bevan (who co-wrote "Little Things" w/ Ed Sheeran for One Direction) follow her on any of her social media sites below! 


BBLA BRANDS WE LOVE: Introducing Lauren Cecchi New York

Good day there Buttons and Bows homies!!!!! Tis I, Roderick and with so many brands and labels sprouting up all the DAMN time, we figured we should start introducing some of the new up and comers and brands we love to our readers and customers. Also, how insane is it when we actually get these dope pieces in stores for you to buy!!!!! I know… I’m just as excited as you are!!!!

*White Lauren Cecchi Sorella handbag*

The story behind this label and how it came on our radar here at BBLA is suuuuuper random. So back in late 2012, I (Roderick) was chosen as one of the top 5 candidates to vie for an assistant buying position with Gilt Groupe on a show called The Job. Of course, my/our episode did not end up ever airing but I ended up bonding with all the contestants and kept in touch, via how folks keep in touch now days in 2013 (Twitter, Fbook, Insta… etc.).

*Lauren Cecchi (in Red) and I with the other 3 contestants during taping of The Job on CBS*

 Lauren Cecchi, one of the contestants, was rocking this great looking bag on her instagram account and I realized she started a new line and immediately told her I had to rep her bags in Cali!!!! Like I HAD TOOO!!!! It was that serious and the bags are as well. Simple, classic, and dare I sound ridiculous and cheesy, but incredibly chic!

And now we are here… I’m super stoked to introduce you all to Lauren Cecchi New York ! All handmade in the New York city’s garment district and materials all sourced from the US as well!!!!  So as it’s now coming up on the end of Lauren Cecchi New York Fall 2012 outreach, this first season of hers definitely set the tone for the years to come. Not only will Lauren Cecchi New York be featured on the show, The Good Wife, in its 1st episode airing in the new year, but she also landed a booth at this coming ENK for Fraiche @ Circuit, which is a new platform for emerging accessories designers showcasing handpicked labels based on their creative skills, craftsmanship, quality and originality.
Right now you can order a Lauren Cecchi bag online at and any West Coast retailers looking to possibly carry the bags, don’t be shy to reach out to me at

*Lauren Cecchi w/ Lucky Editor in Chief Eva Chen*

*Lauren Cecchi w/fashion blogger  Saucy Glossie*

*Lauren Cecchi W/ Nicole Richie at Style Tag event @Henri Bendels NYC*

Check out how the bags are made HERE  and a video introducing Lauren Cecchi New York during this past New York Fashion Week HERE.

What do you all think of this new line!?


BBLA FAM: LA Canvas Future Party

What: LA Canvas Future issue release party
Where: Dirty Laundry (Hollywood)
When: Nov. 21st
Who: De'la, Agnes, and Roderick

Shout out to the folks over at LA Canvas, Guest of a Guest LA, and The Tommy B for the photos! We had an excellent night taking over that dance floor and can't wait to see you guys for the next issue release party!!!!!


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Latest Obsession: and its not even out yet!

Givienchy x Erykah Badu

Now I may be reblogging this in the future once the rest of the images are release, but I must say I am already sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the Spring 2014 Givienchy campaign featuring the stunning Erykah Badu. 

Stay tuned for more and catch the interview at

xx De'La

BBLA Fam Introduces: Agnes

Get to know us, get to love us! Join the BBLA Fam as we do a little digging into our personal lives! 


Where are you from?: Portland, Oregon

Social Media: AgnesOfGod Facebook

How would you describe your style?: Simple, Minimalist, "Fast-Forward". I'm really into silhouettes before trend, color blocking, and texture.  

Whats yo sign: Double Libra. And couldn't be more fabulous. 

Favorite clothing era: I love LOVE the late 80's early nineties. When abstraction and avante garde was the motivation for fashion and high-fashion grandios was conceived. I think what best characterizes that time was either a Pet Shop Boy video or an Everything but the Girl music video. 

If you had a lifetime supply of any designer who would it be? Philip Lim. Or if the Universe was on a budget - Zara. 

Philip Lim 
 Philip Lim


What do you do in your free time: I design acrylic accessories, menswear and tailor clothing for men and women. 
Spirit animal: Madonna 

Words to live by: "It's universal law everything, the good, the bad, and the most difficult, has to end as they began."

Favorite Song/Band/Station: "I'm God" Clams Casino
What were you wearing in high school: Neon Colors, Raver Pants and Candy Bracelets I never really got from raves. 

Current obsession: Fendi anything and garments with nickel zippers

Man Crush: George Lewis Jr. from Twin Shadow 

Woman Crush: Nista Permpoon NYC Stylist  & Michelle Harper Fashion Extremist 

Favorite piece in the shop:  

 Want more from Agnes? Follow her!!! 
     Instagram: AgnesOfGod 
    Facebook: Facebook

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Sounds: Ella Eyre

Recently discovered this 19 year old songstress and shes definitely got it going on!